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JusDreaming 15-05-2010 06:39

Anchor Chain - China vs ACCO
I need to replace our anchor chain badly! It is 3/8 ht which is costly to say the least. So I found a wholesaler locally to avoid the shipping cost. But all he carries is chain from China. Is it really inferior compared to Acco/Peerless? It is about half the price. But I don't want something that will not work well on the windless, or fail when I need it most.

CAELESTIS 15-05-2010 06:56

Considering the extreme weather you can get in your area, I would only buy Acco chain, as you should have something that is absolutely dependable.

You did not mention the price, or quantity you are looking for. You may try a quote from Chain, Chain Supplies, Binder Chains, Lifting Slings and Hooks

Dockhead 15-05-2010 07:50

I am facing exactly the same question. In the UK, I can get either French anchor chain or Chinese. The biggest and most reputable seller of lifting and anchor chain swears the Chinese chain is actually better; that's it's made under their supervision, every piece is individually tested and comes with a certificate, and that the chain is galvanized in the UK. That they've used it for years with no problems.

I dunno; that sounds fairly reasonable. But who knows? It's not much cheaper than the French chain, by the way.

Jesse 15-05-2010 08:14

If you are wondering about the chinese chain now how much more will you wonder when you and your family are trying to sleep while anchored?:devil:

CarlF 15-05-2010 08:42

Chain wheel fit is not your problem - you'll know that right away. Your worry is the quality of the steel, the welds, and the galvanizing. None of these are easy for the non-expert to evaluate. It's not uncommon to have galvanizing fail in less than a year on bad chain.

I would stick with ACCO.

Both China and the US manufacturers are capable of great and really awful quality. It depends on the place and the guy and and the day that your chain is made. Especially in China this may be a subcontractor to a subcontractor - and it may have been different the previous week. ACCO marine chain was - and I assume still is - made in ACCO owned facilities by ACCO employees located in the US and Europe. Been that way for a long time.


CAELESTIS 15-05-2010 08:52

Acco is still made in the USA. I confirmed this a few months ago with Acco, and posted the information on this website.

stark 15-05-2010 08:56

Don't forget about the melamine incident. If they're willing to risk their own children for a few bucks...

craigsmith 15-05-2010 20:56

With chain you are almost entirely dependent on the reputation of the manufacturer along with the credibility of any third party certification involved, plus a does of you-get-what-you-pay-for.

That means brand is important.

Look over proof certification and check the numbers make sense and are in line with international standards. If there's no certification or the retailer can't supply it, run in the other direction.

Chain (Rocna Knowledge Base)

JiffyLube 15-05-2010 23:07

I 'try' not to buy from Communist China, because the more money they make the stronger they get, and the bigger their military gets. I 'do' try to buy from an American company or one of our allies.

Orion Jim 19-05-2010 19:24

I also went with Acco when I replaced my chain last year. I wouldn't buy anything else at any price. It really can be a life or death decision. I also avoid items manufactured in China. The regime is awash in blood and I refuse to back them with my dollars.

mikereed100 19-05-2010 19:55

I tried to buy some ACCO chain recently in Langkawi but the supplier told me they had a problem with some ACCO chain rusting after only 6 months use. He said they were waiting to hear ACCO's response before ordering any more chain from them. When I contacted the supplier 2 weeks later I was told that they were no longer carrying ACCO chain.

While chatting with another cruiser he told me how during a blow he went forward to check the anchor and found the chain had failed at a weld between the roller and the windlass. This was Australian made chain that had been pull tested.

It would appear that country of origin alone is no guarantee of quality.

bewitched 19-05-2010 21:42


Originally Posted by JiffyLube (Post 453018)
I 'try' not to buy from Communist China, because the more money they make the stronger they get, and the bigger their military gets.


Originally Posted by Jim Walsh (Post 455197)
I also avoid items manufactured in China. The regime is awash in blood and I refuse to back them with my dollars.

What has this got to do with chain?

JusDreaming 20-05-2010 06:21

I have found 3/8 g4 ht for 4.04 for a drum,(400'), locally in Florida, so no shipping. Is this a good price, or do I need to keep shopping. Unfortunately all I need is 200'

ude123 20-05-2010 07:29

'melamine incident'

Originally Posted by stark (Post 452744)
Don't forget about the melamine incident. If they're willing to risk their own children for a few bucks...

FYI: The 'melamine incident' was an accident at the factory and the Chinese government held the owner of the factory personally responsible for the accident and executed him to send a message to factory owners all over the country that they are responsible for ALL that goes out of their factories(same thing happened to the dog food factory and the toothpaste factory owners). What was the 'punishment' for the Union Carbide(an American Company) execs in Bhopal, India after killing over 23,000 people in a refinery accident? What about the Ford execs that put out the Ford Pinto that exploded and killed people, what was their punishment? Maybe, just maybe, we as Americans should get our own house in order before throwing stones at other countries. The problem with Chinese imports aren't the Chinese, it's the American importers that don't oversee their production in China, spec proper materials or simply order over the internet. Things that are illegal in the US are perfectly legal in China(like lead paint, which is a great paint. The Chinese choose to teach their kids not to chew on window sills instead of banning a great product). If American importers don't specify materials and QC their product then they are to blame. They manufacture BMW's, Mercedes, heck even Airbus A-320's are assembled there now. You can get all levels of quality in China. It's the US importers that simply buy the cheapest product. In China as in the US, quality comes with higher prices. Why do we as Americans play the 'victim' card in regards to Chinese imports. Why do we not go after the US importer as aggressive as we do the Chinese manufacturer? I say this with many trips to China as a businessman and many many many factory visits to well over 100 factories all over China. PS. I have never seen a kid working(or for that matter, never even seen a child in a factory). I doubt they 'replaced' their child labor with adults for my visit.

ude123 20-05-2010 07:40

Added Note- Of all the countries I've been to(32 countries), China is by far the most different from what we are told. If you have not been there then your only point of reference is what you have either seen on TV or read about. China is not what you think it is unless you have been there and experienced Chinese life. Our politicians in the US seem to have perfected the ability to point fingers at places outside our country and say how bad things are there so our population doesn't realize how bad things are here. We have the best PR people in the World. Again, maybe our country should get our house in order and THEN start preaching to the rest of the world.

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