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sitkatm82 27-04-2010 20:55

Hello from Alaska!
I am 70 yrs old next weekend. I am working on my "bucket list" which doctors tell me my bucket may have a hole in it within 3-5 yrs. I grew up in Florida (sailing snipes) and others. I have raised 9 kids, retired after 31 years of law enforcement in Fla., Idaho, and Alaska. Now mama (yes same wife) and I have some time. I am purchasing a very small sailboat (24 ft Yankee Dolphin) and intend to refresh old sailing skills in Southeast Alaska. I have been power boating over the years but want to go back to sailing. If this summer works out OK we are going to sail the boat to Seattle and look for something a bit larger for some off shore cruising, who knows maybe Hawaii in a couple of years. I know that many will think I am an unbalanced dreamer but what the he-- it's my life. The last push came when we looked at a 30 ft sailboat to start with and the seller after hearing our plans said " you are thirty years too late for that". We love challenges. G'Day, Frank & Diane

sarafina 27-04-2010 21:01

That seller is a clueless dolt; -P

Sounds to me like a great bucket list and you guys can sail however far you can go! There are airplanes home when ever you get ready to swallow the hook again!

Welcome and best of luck.

Bash 27-04-2010 21:10

welcome to the forum from one former snipe sailor to another.

Minggat 27-04-2010 21:21

I met a guy who had just bought a boat as a part of his bucket list. He said his doctor could always see an improvement when he had been down to his boat.

maxingout 27-04-2010 21:36

Sailing is the most healthy thing that I have done in my life. When I am sailing, I feel great, my diet is better, and the low stress contributes to the quality of life. When you go sailing, you may prove your doctor wrong.

I have many patients who are 75 years old who look like they are sixty years old, and they act like they are sixty as well.

Don't let an old person move into your body. Chronological age doesn't mean anything.

hummingway 27-04-2010 21:41

One of my neighbors at the marina is 70 and sails a 41 ft. Choey Lee. He solos when no-one else is available to go with him.

maxingout 27-04-2010 21:44

I call 70 years old, the youth of old age. Stay active, and stay young.

Stillraining 27-04-2010 21:53

As long as you don't steal someone else's bucket to fill yours then there is nothing wrong with your plan and anyone whom says you are either to old or to late in life is wrong...plain and simple.

Welcome Aboard Frank...and God bless you in this.

Sorry to hear of your prognosis....I received a similar one but I just plain refuse to listen..:)

Carry on!

feelsgood 29-04-2010 09:19

HEy Frank 15 years ago My QUACK told me my bucket had a bl*&%@#dy great hole in it so they did a 13 hr repair job. Well we have lived aboard our boat for the last 15 years and we have got younger and healthier so if you are only 70 dont listen to anyone go for it. just thing with my way of thinking in another 10 years you should be 50 GOOD EH !!

imagine2frolic 29-04-2010 13:59

That Yankee is sure a pretty vessel. I knew a fella that sailed one on S.F. Bay. The fella couldn't sail at all, but that Yankee always got him home.....WELCOME.......i2f

SkiprJohn 01-05-2010 11:22

Aloha and welcome aboard!
Great boat selection. I hope you can follow you dreams and get here to Hawaii.

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