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gettinthere 26-04-2010 05:31

Verizon in Bahamas
I read elsewhere of someone using a Verizon phone with a SIM card set up for GSM in the Bahamas. Got good data access thru Batelco.

Verizon doesn't have very many SIM phones and they seem to get bad reviews.

Anyone care to share their experiences using Verizon in the Bahamas?

cdennyb 26-04-2010 07:18

I'd like to also know if the DROID motorola phones serviced by verizon are candidates for the use in the islands as well.

SearenitySail 26-04-2010 07:42

Verizon in the Bahamas
I used my Verizon GSM phone with no problems in Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama at Christmas time. Only problem is that it is considered "roaming" and that gets expensive. I think text messages cost $.50, but I am not positive.

If you call Verizon you can ask for specifics.


ActiveCaptain 26-04-2010 07:51

This article from our web site will give a good background about using a mobile phone in the Bahamas:

There are a variety of issues and some ways to get around them less expensively.

waterworldly 26-04-2010 08:52

Use your phone with a Bahama Sim
I called ATT and they unlocked my phone over the phone in a few small steps. I then bought a Bahama sim for $10 and now have a local number. Cheap to call on the islands and cheap to recieve calls from the states. For long distance I use skype.

gettinthere 27-04-2010 04:56

How about reports on Verizon SIM phones?

Storm2 and HTC Touch seem to be the choices for smartphones. But they both get pretty bad reviews. Droid doesn't do SIM.

Any happy Verizon SIM phone users? Any good resources to research this further?

noreault 27-04-2010 05:36

If you are going to be in any single location long, it is much better to get an unlocked GSM phone and buy a local SIM card. The Verizon GSM phone will must probably be locked and you will be paying roaming fees. Roaming fees are very high internationally and only really make sense for short duration stays. Paying the extra money for an unlocked phone will enable the purchase of local sims that will give much lower rates.

gettinthere 27-04-2010 05:55

From what I've read elsewhere, Verizon will unlock the phone if you ask...

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