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Ram 24-04-2010 03:10

Help Needed on Refrigeration System - Where to Buy on Internet - or Repair ?
Help Needed on Refrigerator system where to buy on the internet- or where is a place to get it fixed in Greece thatís good and not going to cost as much as a new one from America__
I have a fairly new yacht 4 years old and have been off it for the last 6 months , the unit was working fine when I left now it seems to have lost all the refrigerant- its running fine but not cooling- So Iím in Greece where things are not easy to get things done-

I was thinking I could just buy a new one and have a friend whoís coming in a few weeks bring it with him- they are suppose to be self installable-- I have a Isotherm s/n 431132
with a danfoss compressor BD35F-

Any thoughts, advice or recommendations would be very appreciated on where I can buy one at a good price or where I can get this one fixed here In Greece-

surfmachine 24-04-2010 03:48

Ahoy Ram.
I have one of those systems, a waeco, really a danfoss, made in germany. Just get it regassed with a local dude and tighten up the "self sealing" connections. Quite common that they fail after first install due to improper installation? The local refrigeration guy will check for leaks with his sniffer!
Otherwise, take it out and return it to germany for regassing etc, then refit it?
I bought mine from westmarine via langkawi yacht chandlers, a great unit, so far, the fan forced evaporaters are the best.
Good luck from Keith.

Ram 24-04-2010 04:10

Thanks Keith , no one here seems to have a leak detector , and no one seems to really want to fix it - Iíd love to fix it but wonder how much a new unit will cost, itís important to be done right, as I have a lot of charters happening and it would be a disaster if it leaked out during season- I could fix it later and keep it as a spare-unless I found someone good here at a fair price- not sure if thatís possable

boden36 24-04-2010 04:21

Ram, if you don't have a sniffer, you can use some washing up detergent in a squirt bottle, assuming there is some pressure left in the system. Just squirt on each joint.
Regards, Richard

skipmac 24-04-2010 04:34

Hi Ram,

Can you order online from the US and have it shipped to you in Europe? If yes and repairs just can't be had order a new one from Defender or West Marine. Most well known brands using a Danfoss compressor will do the job.

skipmac 24-04-2010 05:04

FYI recent practical sailor tested units from Frigoboat, Dometic and Sea Frost and liked them all. Frigoboat is Italian so should be available over there. Dometic is Swedish owned so also should be available in EU.

surfmachine 24-04-2010 06:04

Hi Ram, if you cant get it fixed then order one from westmarine, if you have an account with them? Fedex it.
I just got one and it has been superb, cu-84 compressor, 819usd, plus a vd-15 air evaporater, 385usd, on page 553 of west marine catalouge, pulls the 90 litre freezer down to -4C in 90 minutes.
Fully gassed, just put it in and tighten up fittings, it a goer!
Cheers from Keith.

Paul Lefebvre 24-04-2010 06:34

If it is a recent unit, it will be using R134a. You should be able to go to a local auto parts store and get a refill can with instructions. This is the same refrigerant used in most car air conditioning systems

As others have mentioned, check for leaks by mixing a 50/50 solution of dishsoap and water. Turn off the compressor and then dab on the solution with a brush at all of the connections. This should be an easy fix.

surfmachine 24-04-2010 06:56

Ahoy, they dont sell that stuff in EU! No leaks as all the gas is gone, only a few ounces in there to begin with. It's easy if you have a recharge cylinder and a small compressor with guages to pump it in!

Paul Lefebvre 24-04-2010 08:12

I wasn't aware the EU had banned R134a. I see they may be going to R-77 (Carbon Dioxide). That would be handy, because I could just recharge my system from my CO2 bottle that I use for my draft beer. Of course, they will want to ban that shortly too because it causes global warming:banghead:

In any event, it is easy to get online. I have bought from these guys before and they do ship to Europe (customs may be another issue though??)

R134a, R-134, A/C "DO-IT-YOURSELF" Recharge KIT - eBay (item 400088422172 end time Apr-27-10 11:10:57 PDT)

surfmachine 24-04-2010 08:20

Hi Paul they haven't banned it, you just cant buy it at walmart type shops like you can in the USA. Australia is the same, need to be specially trained and have special gear to work with refrigerants.
I have often thought of buying some and bringig it back to aussie in my luggage, but you cant fly with it as well.
Costs heaps to get your car ac regassed in aussie, they wont do it if it leaks as well.
So, to help the charterer, easiest may be to buy a new freezer unit from westmarine or someone who has an accpunt with them?
Fair winds from Keith.

Ram 24-04-2010 10:40

Thanks Guys, I have a crew coming over in about 2 weeks - I did not know about the soap trick on refrig lines I will try this right away-

slomotion 24-04-2010 12:31

No help to Ram, but with all the yacht traffic in Greece I am amazed that it is difficult to get this serviced locally. In the eastern Caribbean loss of refrigeration is considered an emergency, and it seemed that on just about any island big enough to have a marina/boatyard or chandlery they could refer you to a local marine refrigeration tech. We had our Alder Barber system tested and recharged in Cariacou.

s/v Beth 24-04-2010 22:00

I have a good friend that is a local HVAC. He is showing me how to do the testing and fixing and refilling on my own with very few extra tools. I get the feeling that this might be useful in the cruising community...:)

JiffyLube 24-04-2010 22:24

Check out . They have a forum that I found very helpful in trouble shooting refrigeration systems, and how do do repairs.

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