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sailboatjimm 04-03-2010 05:49

Bahamas - November 2010 - April 2011
______Need crew...preferably female(any age..any race or nationality)...for a 5-6 month cruise down thru the Bahamas...possibly Turks and Caicos...beginning from Labelle, south Florida in Nov-Dec 2010. I'm 62 and have been sailing for over 35 years. I usually single hand this Morgan 38 sloop.....but it's safer when crossing the Gulf stream with an extra pair of eyes. Crew's duties will be light, mostly, you will be spelling me at the helm(4 hour watches) on a few overnight passages en route to Nassau. After stopping for a few days there, we'll be doing mostly daysailing down thru the Exumas to Georgetown till April 2011...when we sail back to the states....which will be a 3-4 day non-stop by way of the Ragged Islands...along the Old Bahama channel....below the Cay Sal bank.....then across the Gulf stream again to Marathon, Fl Keys. Then daysailing back up along the Ten Thousand Islands to Ft Myers.....where we enter the ICW going east back to Labelle. Our cruising style will be typical of the many cruises I've made down thru the islands......sail for a day or 2...then anchor off a nice beach for a week or 2....then sail for a day or 2...etc...etc. Very laid back and NO "beat the clock". This is strictly a fun cruise and there will be lots of socializing with other cruisers along the way....especially in Georgetown. This is an unpaid position...and you should feel free to transfer to another boat any time you wish. I will be paying all of your expenses while, entry fees...etc. I do not smoke.....and drink very little. If you will be required to smoke on deck. I can teach you in a few hours everything you'll need to keep us on course when you're at the you don't need any sailing experience. This is a fully equipped sailboat...with a hot water shower, refrigeration, ice, watermakers, marine ssb and ham gear, vhf, gps...and full safety equipment. Although I'm straight, this cruise is not for the purpose of romance....unless you meet someone interesting along the way.---jim taylor--km4ci :thumb:

Craig Jolly 09-03-2010 05:01

Hi Jim ...
I don't know if I meet your requirements -- for starters, I'm not a female! I've done some cruising in the Caribbean and Great Lakes, but I'm definitely NOT a qualified sailor. I can sure help out though, and have been an asset on past trips. I'm in Key West through May 30. I'd be interested in joining your trip depending on schedule and logistics. You can reply to craigjolly<at>comcast<dot>net . Thank you.

Deckhand Dude 09-03-2010 12:25

Hello Jim
I am a guy also but I wouldn't mind cruising with you. I have sailed the Gulf stream and know my way around a boat. I was in the Coast Guard for 4 years and sailed a few tallships among others. I am in Florida. If you are interested send me an email at simwaters<at>gmail<dot>com

Happy sailing,
Deckhand Dude

oceanboundwpb 09-03-2010 15:09

crew wanted
hello sir my name is william..i as well am not a female but am very interested in your trip. i have grown up in and around sailboats my whole life.. i come from a HUGE norwegian family who all pretty much sail themselves. my knowledge isnt very extensive for this kind of trip but i feel that, thats all the more reason for my wanting to do this, expierence and knowledge. i am a quick learner and could very well be alot of help. let me know what you think!..thanks

Livia 10-03-2010 11:12

Just out of curiosity, why prefer female? I can think of possible reasons but am curious as to yours. I don't want to derail this thread.

boatman1979 10-03-2010 16:48

Mr. Taylor,
My name is Frank, I am a licensed captain looking for an opportunity to sail in exactly the manner that you describe, and also within the same time frame. My goal is to gain sea time and become an expert sailor (which I currently am not). Navigating and keeping watch are no problem. Please respond to boatman1979<at>yahoo<dot>com and I will be happy to discuss in more detail. Thank you!

oceanboundwpb 11-03-2010 07:55

my email
i forgot to leave me email....oceanboundwpb<at>yahoo<dot>com... thanks...

oceanboundwpb 19-03-2010 08:33

still very interested.. im hoping you havent filled all your spots yet..i would love to grow and learn on a sailboat and this sounds so ideal.. let me know thanks...

nautical62 19-03-2010 09:33


Originally Posted by Livia (Post 417304)
Just out of curiosity, why prefer female? I can think of possible reasons but am curious as to yours. I don't want to derail this thread.

I can't speak for the OP, but I answered that from my perspective at the end of this thread:

AshleylovesH2O 15-06-2010 14:37

Hello, my name is Ashley, when I lived in Santa Barbara, California, a few years back we would go sailing every Sunday so I can say I've been on a sail boat but my knowledge is very elementary. While I may be ignorant to sailing, I'm quick to learn, a hard worker, easy to get along with and a great cook!

I've been fortunate enough to have traveled a decent amount in my 24 years however, I've never experienced travel via sail boat, a thing I'd like to change. This winter I was in Panama and met a man and his son who had lived on a sail boat for many years. I asked him a barrage of questions that I'm sure avid sailors frequently get and told him of my desire to sail. It was then he gave me simple yet great advice, "well then I think you need to just do it." Six months later I've tied up all my "loose ends" have put my grad program on hold for an undetermined time and ready to set sail!

I'm a hard working, easy going, quick to laugh gal and would love to hear more about you and your sailing plans if you haven't already found someone for your next adventure.

Thank you for your time.

xxuxx 16-06-2010 10:33

I can go
I'm female and a Captain and I don't care why you want a preferred gender. I can go! PM me. ,.....and no funny business....I think I can fend you off LOL

donaldjeo12 29-06-2010 23:01

The Bahamas (pronounced /­ə bəˈhɑːməz/ ( listen)), officially the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, is an English-speaking country consisting of 29 islands, 661 cays, and 2,387 islets (rocks). It is located at the north-east of the Caribbean Sea in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba, Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti) and the Caribbean Sea, northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and southeast of the United States of America (nearest to the state of Florida). Its total land area is 13,939 km▓ (5,382 sq. mi.; slightly larger than the US states Connecticut and Rhode Island combined), with an estimated population of 330,000. Its capital is Nassau.

Originally inhabited by Arawakan Taino people, The Bahamas were the site of Columbus' first landfall in the New World in 1492. Although the Spanish never colonised The Bahamas, they shipped the native Lucayans (as the Bahamian Taino settlers referred to themselves) to slavery in Hispaniola. The islands were mostly deserted from 1513 to 1650, when British colonists from Bermuda settled on the island of Eleuthera.

shadow 30-06-2010 00:59

^^^^^ ummmm what???

spencer311 03-07-2010 00:44

Ok, I'm new to this whole sailing thing but I know that I was born to be on the water or very nearby.

Being that I am new to all of this, I'm hoping some nice people could point me in the right direction to make my dreams become a reality. So, where to start?

I want to live on a boat for at least a year and see what life is like on the sea, preferably sailing in the tropics. My friend and I are looking to learn to sail so that we can one day own our own boat so we can go to the places we want to go. She is a certified scuba instructor and I just have the motivation to learn. (I have so many thoughts in my head now, I don't know what to type first.) I am going to school for marine biology and she is a dive instructor. We want to find someone who needs some deckhands or any sort of help so that we can learn, preferably free of charge. We are both ready to drop everything we have tying us down to the mainland so that we can get out on the water. We both have no sailing experience but are extremely eager to learn.

If any of this can be easily understood and you know what we are trying to accomplish, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time and I'll post more when I get my thoughts in order.

Ram 03-07-2010 09:12


Originally Posted by xxuxx (Post 470314)
I'm female and a Captain and I don't care why you want a preferred gender. I can go! PM me. ,.....and no funny business....I think I can fend you off LOL

No funny business.?? How about hanky panky??

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