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BubbleHeadMd 18-02-2010 05:28

Honda Outboard Controls
Quick question-

I bought my boat with a nearly-new Honda 9.9 installed. It's a little large for the OB well, and I can't tilt it forward enough to lock it in the "up" position. The throttle/tiller handle prevents this.

It seems that there is only one pivot bolt for the handle to disconnect it. I don't steer with the motor, only the rudder. How hard is it to disconnect the throttle/tiller handle?

I just feel that if I chase "greener pastures" by looking for a smaller outboard, that I'm going to end up with a unit that has problems. It seems dumb to trade away a nearly new, reliable unit.


FrankZ 18-02-2010 08:17

A 9.9 is a lot of motor on a Coronado 25 (I had a 6HP and was quite happy with it). Do you pull it out when not using it? I just painted mine with antifoul as it was a real pain getting enough leverage to pull that motor out of the well.

And don't be too hasty thinking you won't steer with it, the outboard makes a nice stern thruster at times.

BubbleHeadMd 18-02-2010 08:44

Yeah, I know that it's more than necessary. I've no idea why someone paid the extra money. I have not pulled it out yet, but I've got it strapped in the "up" position and the prop and skeg are the only parts still in the water.

The dang thing is 96 lbs and I don't want to drop it in the water. I'm going to pull it out with a friend in warmer weather and paint it like you did, replace the zinc and give it a light service.

FrankZ 18-02-2010 08:47

If it is a 4 stroke I am surprised it fits. My Merc 6 was a four stroke and it was tough to slide it into the well.

I had to take the cover off to tilt it up as well.

BubbleHeadMd 18-02-2010 09:14

Yeah, it's a 4-stroke. The cover does keep the engine well lid up a bit, but it's the handle that prevents it from locking. I use a web strap to hold it up.

It's a mixed blessing- Cleaner, quieter, much more fuel efficient, but bigger, heavier, and a PITA to maintain down in the well. Gotta change the oil sometime, so it has to come out.

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