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squarehead 26-01-2010 17:53

Hydraulic Backstay
:(I have an older hydraulic back stay that I'm trying to identify so I can get a leaky seal replaced.
There's some old stencil but I'm having trouble reading it
How do I post a photo of it
I tried to copy and paste but it won't work

bstreep 28-01-2010 21:45

Click on "Go Advanced" below. Then you click on "Manage Attachments".

If you use a photo site like photobucket, you can just cut/paste the URL from them. It also keeps you from having to worry about too big a file, which this software might not like.

Also, put your location on your signature, and that might help as well.

squarehead 29-01-2010 16:02

hydraulic backstay

squarehead 29-01-2010 16:04

I thing I have it

sded 29-01-2010 16:05

Take it to your local Navtec dealer. They can either fix it or tell you who it belongs to.

squarehead 29-01-2010 16:07

here's a close up

squarehead 29-01-2010 16:09

this is what little I can see

squarehead 29-01-2010 16:20

I have a friend at Thordon Bearings who can get me whatever seals I need.
If I can find out the make and model I'm assuming ( being a tradesperson ) I can repair it myself, or involve the right people to show me

avazquez 13-12-2012 08:52

Re: I thing I have it

Originally Posted by squarehead (Post 395768)

Wow that looks nicer than the new ones!!!!

StevenJay 12-11-2013 12:07

Re: Hydraulic Backstay

I have the same unit on my CS30. They are certainly well built and long lasting. I believe it was made in Cornwall England and may have been branded as a Merriman product. Mine is still working great but I was wondering were you ever able to get it serviced. The oil refill hole is under the adjustment nut which unscrews after adjusting the roll pin to clear the arresting nut. This year I noticed a trace of oil on the transom after unwittingly leaving the pressure on overnight. As such, I suspect that the seals in the unit are due for replacement after 26 years!! Hence my interest whether you were able to source the seals as I am relatively nearby in Ottawa.

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