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KevinE 11-12-2009 12:14

Eno Two-Burner Stove - Poor Burn
Our 10 year old Eno 2 burner stove's large burner is not burning very nicely. The flame is very orange with big wispery flames. Periodicly is also sputters. The small burner beside it burns fine which leads me to believe this is not a supply line or regulator issue. Someone told me this is a sign of too much air to propane.

I have taken the control valve apart to see if there are any plugs, all looks good. What I am wondering is how do you change the air/fuel mixture? There is a small set screw beside the control know - I have lit the stove and tried adjusting that but nothing happens. I am thinking my next step is to put a larger orfice in (currently a #67). I took the orfice to the gas shop and his #67 drill bit would not fit in the hole which leads me to believe the hole is too small - not sure what the correct orfice should be as the previous owner replace it. Gas guy said a #67 is good for a ~12000 BTU burner.

I did replace the regulator and some of the tank fittings so that is all good now. Solenoid is hot to the touch so I assume that is working ok.

What am I missing here?

GordMay 11-12-2009 14:50

Try contacting ENO Marine:

ENO (France)
Email: Contact us - ENO Marine
Tel: +33 (0)5 49 28 60 01
Fax: +33 (0)5 49 33 26 84

sailvayu 11-12-2009 15:12

I don't know much about how to adjust stoves but I do know that proper adjustment is important and there is a danger of CO poisoning if not properly adjusted. I would recommend have it professionally adjusted or at the very least get or borrow a meter to make sure it is burning properly. Just a word of caution and one more reason to have a CO alarm in your boat.

good Luck
Wayne Canning, AMS

Vasco 11-12-2009 15:24

Every once in a while I take the jets (carburettor term) are they called orifices? out and soak them in a solvent to clean them. This is recommended by the manufacturer. I used to poke them with a dental pick but they discourage this.

MarkJ 11-12-2009 16:25

Hi Kevin,

We have have the same problem so I would appreciate you telling us the solution when you find it.

Vasco 11-12-2009 16:42


Don't you have a Force10?

FORCE 10 - Cooking Without Compromise - Custom

Hydra 12-12-2009 12:42

Yellow flames are caused by a lack of air for combustion. On some Eno stoves, this can result from a small leak on the pipe between the valve and the burner, that causes a slight drop in gas pressure at the burner and a reduction in air flow.

I have seen this fixed by replacing the faulty pipe (#12 or 13 on the diagram: )


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