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TaoJones 16-09-2009 16:08

Stunning Bay Area Refurbished Vessel
From today's 'Lectronic Latitude comes word that a massive eighteen-year re-fitting of an absolutely gorgeous 1939 English-built wooden schooner is now complete:

* * *

" 'Eros' on Display Today at St. Francis

"September 16, 2009 San Francisco
(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)
Bill and Grace Bodle's beautifully restored Eros sailing on the Bay last week.
2009 Thomas Brichta

"After enduring an exhaustive 18-year refit, the magnificent 103-ft schooner Eros (ex-Fair Sarae) was turning heads on the Bay last week when owners Bill and Grace Bodle took her out for a shakedown cruise."

* * *

For the rest of the story, go to:

Latitude 38 - The West's Premier Sailing & Marine Magazine


Maren 16-09-2009 16:34


Originally Posted by TaoJones (Post 333098)
From today's 'Lectronic Latitude comes word that a massive eighteen-year re-fitting of an absolutely gorgeous 1939 English-built wooden schooner is now complete

Man, there is something about a negative sheerline and an older sailplan I just love on a larger boat. Sublime.

S&S 16-09-2009 17:09

Oooooh! :D

cdennyb 16-09-2009 17:41

Now THAT"S a liveaboard cruiser!

sarafina 16-09-2009 17:58

*wiping the drool offa my keyboard*

not a member of St F's, but a friends father is/was admiral of the club... maybe she can get me a tour... god I would love to see she up close!!

meuritt 18-09-2009 12:20

Eros was at the Master Mariners Wood Boat show this year. It is an amazing boat. Prior to the show it was berthed at Sugar Dock on the SanteFe Channel, right after the show she went south for some work, good to see her back. I will be sailing out of the SF Channel this weekend and will get another photo or two if she is there.

imagine2frolic 18-09-2009 12:33

Check the dink out. Talk about freeboard. Inspiring beauty she is.......i2f

S&S 18-09-2009 13:03

I wonder if she has a sistership "Agape"

( We have two identical Crowinshield schooners here: "Fame" and "Fortune") :D

Blue Stocking 18-09-2009 18:04


I think your eye for authenticity was honed up there on the 'snakes forum. :cheers:

imagine2frolic 23-09-2009 05:31

Typing of the bay. I was there this weekend. Oh how I miss the weather, and sailing there. To bad the Bahamas weren't 42 miles away.;).........i2f

sarafina 23-09-2009 08:25

you picked a nice weekend to visit the home port ; -)

MarkJ 23-09-2009 08:48

That Dink looks bloody awful! They should have left it on the dock.

Why doesnt someone invent a nice, beautiful dink that has soft squishy non scratching sides and a colapsable OB?

It looks like a pimple on a models face.

imagine2frolic 23-09-2009 09:45


I was driving from SFO to Hayward about noon. I was hoping one of those boats near the bridge was you, and himself. It was a gorgeous day for sure.........i2f

Hurricane Harry 23-09-2009 10:05

Sailed the Scottish cutter Gratitude from Sweden to Denmark last weekend. She is a fishingcutter built 1903 owned by the Swedish Cruisingass. We have 3 of them one built 1980 from sailplans of the 1903 one but blown up a bit so she is bigger and weighs 150tons Gratitude at 100ton is faster. What a joy to to participate in sailing and docking her at any port the quay is loaded with people. They are used as schoolships to teach youngens seamnship and how to care for an wooden boat./Harry

Cheechako 23-09-2009 10:27

SWEEEEET...... love those waist high bulwarks!

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