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sailorboy1 19-08-2009 14:05

Thanks, West Marine!
We don't get to hear good things most of the time, so...

I have a older Zodic by West Marine dingy (came with my boat when I bought this this year). While pumping it up one day I broke my pump. So I went to WM and got a new pump that was suppose to have all the adaptors. Went I got back the next weekend with it, it of course had nothing that would fit my dingy. Between my wife and I we managed a 2 people "hold the hose" in thing to pump it up.

So I went on-line looking for the adaptor, without any luck. Then noticed there was a way to "chat" live with a WM rep so did it and got Marurice down in Fl. Since I didn't have a model number of the dingy he wasn't able to help and I said thanks on-line and logged off. Just as I was hitting the log off button I saw he was typing a reply, but it was too late. A few minutes later my cell phone rings and it is Marurice (had to put phone number down in the info to start the chat) who gives me his phone number for when I get the model number! So a week goes by and I get the model and call him back with it. A little time goes by and I don't hear anything so I call again (that squeaky wheel thing). He calls back saying he has been doing an around-and-around thing with someone else trying to find the adaptor and that on my model there was a problem in the design where you had to hold the hose in the dingy plug. But apparently an adaptor was made just before the design was changed (a part number didn't apparently get assigned to the adaptor).

And get this, they were sending me one out for FREE! I of course said thanks, may I have 2 so when I lost this special thingie (what a jerk I am). And he said sure! So thanks Marurice at WM.

S/V Illusion 19-08-2009 14:57

Nice to hear someone say something good. For all the WM bashing, it really is all about people and not the sign above the store that really makes a difference. Plus, when someone complains here about something like a store, I can't help but wonder how much of the problem is self-inflicted because of rudeness, arrogance or just plain lack of mutual respect. Good post Don

Hud3 19-08-2009 15:06

Thanks for posting that, Don. I've usually found most of the WM folks to be pretty knowledgeable. They are often sailors, just like the rest of us.

Of course, if they'd lower there prices a bit, I'd love them even more! :devil:

Blue Stocking 19-08-2009 16:27

Not wishing to pour too much syrup on WM, I had a similar experience with the Manager (Wink) at the Buford GA store. On one of my visits to the area, I asked him for help in finding the Teak finger-holes fittings. Did not have them in stock, but one year later, I walked into the store and just said hello. He remembered me, and said if I still wanted them, he would get them for me in a few days.

Hud-- the price was OK too. :cheers:
PS: Sitting here in Bermadoo--waiting for Bill to go by. :sprint:

SkiprJohn 19-08-2009 16:48

I get to visit a WM store about once every 2 or 3 years if I'm fortunate to find one in my visits to other islands or the mainland. I've had some pretty good experiences and if something was wrong they did correct it. However, plastic oarlocks for WM inflatable dinghies should not cost $40.


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