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majinoo 18-08-2009 11:46

Navpod for Chartplotter Help
Hi ,
I am looking at installing my chartplotter and 4 st60's on the helm of my boat with the help of a navpod or an instrument housing . The problem is that it is a RC435 from raymarine , and I didnt see any precut navpods for the RC435 .
Example : NavPod GP1171 Pre-Cut for Raymarine
this one would be perfect for me , but it says that it fits c80's or E80.

Should I buy one uncut and cut it myself ?


Paul Elliott 18-08-2009 13:19

I had to cut my own navpod, and it wasn't too difficult. You will see many suggestions for best cutting tool to use, but I just used a small drill bit for the pilot holes, larger bits for the corners and mounting holes, and a slow-speed jigsaw with fine teeth for the big cutout. The trick is to go slow so the plastic cuts, not melts.

Most important, measure carefully! There aren't many easy reference points or lines on these pods -- in fact, no straight lines to be found anywhere. I used lots of masking tape and right-angle squares to get the cutout properly centered and aligned.

Of course, when I installed it I discovered that the stainless posts weren't exactly spaced to match the channels in the navpod. They were only out by a fraction of an inch, but it is enough to make the pod very difficult to attach properly. I guess I need to take a heat gun or something to try to widen the channels in the pod. Funny, the old navpod fit just fine...

majinoo 18-08-2009 13:37

Thanks for the answer !
But now I just realized thats maybe this pod wouldnt fit on the helm , the wheel is pretty big.

Dave the Canuck 18-08-2009 15:01

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I have a Raychart 435 at the helm and went through the same debate that you're going through. My decision was to mount the 435 on the pedestal guard. Here is my product choice. Clamp-On Platform - Side Mount - Solid [831-8-100] - $109.00 : Edson Marine Store

Here is a picture of it in action.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

majinoo 18-08-2009 15:19

Thanks for the alternative since im pretty sure now that the pod I posted wouldn't fit because of the wheel and compass.

Sandero 18-08-2009 16:31

Since I only at the helm to come along side a dock or pick up a mooring, I see no need for the instruments to be in the back of the cockpit. I have found that placing the instruments above the companionway provides the best visibility from anywhere in the cockpit and they are protected from rain and sun too. A plotter is too large to fit my "dashboard" and so I use a small handheld garmin plotter. I find it does the deed and the fixed mount lives at the nav station where I usually do the planning and so forth.

I find the pods unattractive as well, but for some they are the ticket.

majinoo 18-08-2009 16:59

The boat that I am looking at is listed as ''racer'' and i've noticed that all of the ''racer'' boats that I have seen dont have the instruments on the helm .
Is there a reason for that ?

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