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bristolsailor 13-07-2009 13:08

'95 Avon Rover 310 RIB Valve Leak
Hi all,

I have searched the forum looking for answers to this issue and have found quite a bit of helpful information. Another recent thread had a link to here:

Westport Marina, Avon Inflatable Boat Valve repair kits and instrutions

"Repairs can be made without cutting into a tube if care is taken. First unscrew the plastic nut from the valve body. The valve can then be pushed inside the tube. Feel through the tube fabric (Fig 1); turn the valve body upside down, so black rubber diaphragm is at the hole in the tube..."

My most basic question starts at disassembling the valve. It has a plastic screw on cap which I can't believe to be a "nut". Am I wrong? I can see that there is a part of the valve that has flat edges that might unscrew but fearing marring the plastic and ripping the hypalon I haven't pushed this too far. Is there a tool best fit for this? I have tried many common tools that may get a grip on it but they just chew it up. Is there a good way to loosen this if not?

I have ordered a valve rebuild kit but plan to try and clean this one before I use it and add some vaseline and such to the probably 15+ yr old o-ring seal.

Can you guys help get me started so I don't force myself into a totally new valve?

I do have photos of the valve if it would help explain things a bit better...


bristolsailor 13-07-2009 22:08

Found it!
I'm pleased to post a follow up that I found the answer to my question after talking to a gentleman at my club. Here it is for anyone trying to figure this out in the future.

Avon C7 Valve wrench (Avon Part #C7W)

Avon C7 Valve Wrench (Avon Part #C7W)

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