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By Invitation 02-12-2005 11:05

Our ongoing project - Offshore 41
Just thought I would post the link to a site where I keep my boat project going. It's much easier than re-listing all the photo's and commentary.

I hope you enjoy it.


Talbot 02-12-2005 12:33

Very impressive. you will never be able to sell this boat as she has so much of you both in her.

Alan Wheeler 02-12-2005 12:49

Scott, absolutley impressive. Wow, what a work of art.

Kai Nui 02-12-2005 17:34

Beatiful job Scott. What have you got planned for the deck?

Euro Cruiser 03-12-2005 05:23

Scott, a friend has lived aboard and been upgrading a sistership to yours for some years now. He too has pulled the teak deck and done some other projects similar to yours (tho' without the same cosmetic perfection, I might add - nice work). FYI his biggest issues when living with the boat (he sails it regularly) have been the long unsupported shaft (he's gone thru several dry-type shaft seals and regrets moving from a conventional stuffing box) and a corroded engine oil pan (tough to avoid with any water in the bilge). He had to pull the engine to replace the oil pan, which itself was hard to find and expensive. He subsequently installed a bilge baffle in an attempt to retain a small amount of water from getting underneath that oil pan but he has not given this a good test re: extended cruising.

I couldn't tell from your photos if you've replaced the overhead liners. He recently did this with great success at little cost by using 4x8 sheets of a hard backed foam sheet he found at Lowes. I used it for a home project and like working with it a lot; I'll be using it to replace our Pearson 424 overhead when we get back to the States. Just an FYI in case you haven't done that job yet.


By Invitation 03-12-2005 06:54

Kai Nui, My plan is to use Dynel and Mas epoxy. Basically it is a single thick layer of fiberglass cloth adhered wth epoxy. When done correclty you end up with a deck which appears and feels like a canvas covered deck. I have a very close friend who built her own 40' wooden cutter and this is what she used and she loves the nonskid surface and the look. It also solves any issues my current decks may have with small potential holes to leak from all the teak decking fasteners which used to be there. A single thick layer of glass will just ensure not leaks.

Euro Cruiser, your comment

have been the long unsupported shaft (he's gone thru several dry-type shaft seals and regrets moving from a conventional stuffing box
I am not real clear on the problem here. My shaft is very long 13ft, but it is the original and in excellent shape. I was planning on using the PSS shaft seal and if installed properly I don't see why I would have any problem? I do plan on using the original stuffing box as the main support for the end of the shaft and have it modified to also attach the PSS seal. I would be very curious to contact your friend to try to understand the real problem here. As far as my bilge, I don't have the problem you friend has as far as I know, I do have baffles in the bilge and my engine is very clean and rust free at the moment. As far as the overhead liner is concerned, I have not reached that point yet of working on it - it's on the list for next winter.

Euro Cruiser 04-12-2005 04:19

Scott, the shaft issue is that a 13' shaft should probably have a journal bearing. Remember: your boat's hull is going to work in a seaway, not stay rigid. Re: the PSS shaft seal, there's a current thread running at the SSCA Discussion Board that discusses this topic a bit and which you might find helpful: I personally put a dry shaft seal into the 'Just what kind of problem is trying to be solved..?' category, but in your case I would probably opt for one given the engine's location.

I'd be glad to pass along my friend's email address if you wish to follow up with him, but don't do that on public fora (forums?); shoot me an email and I'll pass it along.

jack_patricia at yahoo

CaptainK 04-12-2005 06:42

Gret Work !

Great work that your doing on your sailboat. I especially love what your wife did with the tiles!!

And I admire your work on the hull. And how hard you've worked on her to make the hull nice and fair. Nice and shiny too !!

I'm sure that I speak for the rest of us here on the forum. That we all ca not wait to see the final project come to finale. And see what everything will look like once all work is complete.

Good luck. And keep warm.



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