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Windjammr Spirt 07-03-2009 22:16

Fenders: Black vs white
Not sure this is the right forum, but thought I'd ask for thoughts....

My current boat came equipped with 4 black fenders. My boat's hull is primarily white. I'm wondering if there is science to this? Why would someone put black fenders against a white hull? I recently had to come against the dock for some engine work, and it was a rough day. I came away with black smears all down the hull due to the boat action against the dock. Am I missing something? Wouldn't it make sense to have white fenders?


rebel heart 07-03-2009 22:26

I'd stick with white. If you want to keep the smudges off, use a cloth cover. But you'll basically be dealing with smudge marks on your topsides as long as you're docking. Wait until you see what some foriegn ports have to offer; you'll need a fenderboard to really keep the damage away.

My dad used to tell me that there were too colors for boats: white and black. And only a damn fool paints his boat black.

Chief Engineer 07-03-2009 23:01

I like the Round orange ones.

rebel heart 08-03-2009 03:02


Originally Posted by Chief Engineer (Post 262268)
I like the Round orange ones.

Really? I always thought about trying those but I thought with them being round and all they wouldn't stay put as much as the tube style.

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