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dream ketcher 28-02-2009 08:11

Installing Prop Shaft on a CSY ?
Installing Prop Shaft ?
At this time I’m repowering my CSY 44 Pilothouse Ketch.
The prop shaft has to be replaced because it is too short for the new engine.
The old prop shaft was removed through the engine room from the inside.
The question is will the prop shaft clear the rudder skag when it is reinstalled from the outside?

Chief Engineer 28-02-2009 14:19

If it was pulled from the inside, they probably didn't want to drop the rudder.

I am assuming you did the pulling and not a yard.

dream ketcher 28-02-2009 14:57

It was pulled from the inside because it was done in the water

Chief Engineer 28-02-2009 16:06

So what you are saying is that the prop was removed. The shaft was then pulled out and the hole was plugged? Then the new engine was put in?

dream ketcher 28-02-2009 16:27

Yes but the new shaft is toooooo long to go back in from the inside.

Chief Engineer 28-02-2009 20:24

IN my professional opinion, if you have a shaft that is the correct length, I would, if I had the room, lift the engine out of the way and put the shaft in. Do you have room above to hang a come-a-long? or do you have room to slide the engine?

If you have a pic of the engine compartment that would help.

Pblais 28-02-2009 23:00


The question is will the prop shaft clear the rudder skag when it is reinstalled from the outside?
The potential of the problem came up with our CSY 33. We thought we might have had a bad cutlass bearing. We didn't so we were happy. On the CSY 33 the shaft has to be removed by pulling the engine out of the way so the shaft can come out forward. Have you asked on the topica CSY owners forum? The pilot house 44's were very rare as only several were ever built. The 33 was the 3rd most rare model and the pilot house was second. You can get tips on pulling the engine from the owners group. Many have pulled them. Unless the shaft is off center you won't be pulling it out the back.

dream ketcher 27-03-2009 18:19

Found only way to get shaft back into boat was to remove the Cutlass Bearing, install the shaft then reinstall the bearing.

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