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Sad Daughter 21-01-2009 14:09

Father Missing Off Madagascar
This is all the information I have. I am posting this in hope that someone out there will find him...If you or someone you know is in the area, please help!

About 48 hours ago, someone on my father's boat (The Queequeg II) hit "the panic button" sending a distress call. The Embassy of Madagasdar sent a search party and 36 hours ago they found the Queegueg II capsized. No bodies were found. The Embassy is planning to send another search party but the cyclones are making it difficult. My sister and i are hoping and praying that he could still be out there. There were three men on the boat and all three are missing.

Here is a link to the website:

Please, help. If you have any information or resources, please contact us here.

Thank you,

Nicole Strykowski

MarkJ 21-01-2009 15:12

I am sure all of us hope for a safe recovery of your father and the crew.


Stillraining 21-01-2009 19:05

My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.

mikereed100 21-01-2009 19:07

Queequeg II - Around the World

Agur's Wish 21-01-2009 19:09

Although we may be miles and miles apart the boating community a is very close one and we care and worry about our fellow members. If you are able, please keep us posted about your father. Keep your hope up, boat people are very self reliant, look at the two they just rescued. Prayers tonight from me to St. Anthony (for things that are lost) and St. Christopher (for travelers) for your father and his mates and you.

sabray 21-01-2009 19:23

If there is one who will find away it will be your father. Great story of dreaming, determination and success. Obviously he knows his passion and has shown resolution to seek adventured and dreams . May we soon be cheering his safe return.

Ex-Calif 21-01-2009 19:57

Very sorry to hear about this but try to focus on the positive aspects.

- They were able to send a distress signal that was received immediately
- They were able to locate the boat quickly
- It seems like a well run trip and I suspect they have great survival gear
- You mention cyclones so I presume weather is involved.
- A search is on, and the quicker that happens the smaller an area needed to search
- It would be important for you to find out if the raft and other emergency gear was deployed - i.e. no longer on the found vessel

If so they are doing what they planned and trained for. They are surviving on the open seas in a life raft awaiting rescue.

Keep your hopes up and we are all saying a sailor's prayer for your Dad and the rest of the crew.

PS - As a well organized trip I am sure there are people leading and involved. It might be a good idea to plug into the US missoin and maybe get a 2 way flow of communication going.

Sad Daughter 21-01-2009 20:02


The coordinates I was able to get:

24 Degrees 51.26 South
051 Degrees 30.86 East

They had a dingy and it hasn't been found yet. We are praying that they are still out there in the dingy.

Sad Daughter 21-01-2009 20:11

BTW, the names of the men who were on the boat are Quen Cultra, Joe Strykowski (my father), and Leo Sherman.

johneri1 21-01-2009 20:37

So sorry. . .sending good thoughts and positive feelings to your father and his crew.

sabray 21-01-2009 20:44

I think roughly thats 260 miles off the coast of Madascar. Im checking the weather and current now. Ex Califs point of establishing some state side 2 way support and communication the more the better. Maybe someone else who has been a part of an international effort could chime in. I think over at ssca there was a fella who near sunk and deployed his epirb and his wife developed some good posts on how to get attention. The story ended on a happy note.

Sad Daughter 21-01-2009 20:50

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers. You are all helping keep our spirits up.

sabray 21-01-2009 21:26

I'm seeing winds from the north at 25 to 30. with some cyclonic activity well south of there last known position This is off grib files which can be off. so thats windy but not off the charts. I think thats hopeful and about the best I can do from this computer.
We will hope there is good news soon

Patient 21-01-2009 23:34

My prayers are with your Father, I look forward to hearing about his safe return!
Theres a lot of experience on that boat, I am sure everything will turn out fine!

God bless!

Celestialsailor 22-01-2009 00:26

I am praying and hoping for the best. The good signs are they hit the panic button. I assume that was the EPIRB. Please keep us informed. you have come to the right place. This forum cares.

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