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flyinghigh 16-12-2008 05:48

The new (and fabulous) SPIRITED 480 impressions/info?
Hi all, I'm 45, from rome, italy and together with my girlfriend (she's from denmark) we are approaching our "buen retiro" or "escape" on board of a multihull. Infact we are planning our first cruise around the world. Actually we are getting as many informations and books we can get regarding our plan. Last but not Least the searching of our new catamaran.
We felt in love with the new Spirited 480, an australian girl. She is certainly good looking and she seems to be fast and safe. This is the site: Spirited Designs - Home of the Spirited 380 by Craig Schionning
We really appreciate your impressions, or better, as many informations as possible regarding her. Naturally your advice will be appreciate from us.
Warmest regards to all of you.

spiritcat 16-12-2008 15:11

There are no 480s in the water and none under construction at the moment, but if they are anything like the 380 they will be a great cat, but then I am a little biased as I am building a 380.
I believe there are at least 7 380s in the water and probably another 5 to be launched within the next 12 months.
Stallion Marine in Australia are building the 380 commercially and would be worth talking to if you want a 480 built.

svstrider 16-12-2008 17:00

Spirit 38 cats - look ab fab
I have seen 3 while cruising this year and they look very good. I have been on the first one built by Craig Schionning at the Sanctuary Cove boat show in OZ in ?2004 and again the next year. They seem to have been a couple of design changes that helped - like more ventilation in bridgedeck and better access to engines. The first one built by Stallion had NO access to the front of the engine to tighten fan belts as the opening hatch did not continue above that part of the engine. I queried the builder and he said "where there was a will there would be a way" ?? Pretty stipid IMHO

The next one I saw - the hatch opening had been extended.

anyway - a lovley boat

spiritcat 16-12-2008 20:52

Some of the other home builders and myself have redesigned the rearsteps and engine access hatch to address the problems with the original layout. We now have a single hatch at bridgedeck level rather than a stepped hatch or two in the original design. We can now climb down into the engine bay and install the engines through the hatch.
Stallion have aslo modified their stepped hatch to provide better access.

flyinghigh 17-12-2008 05:13

Thank you svstrider and spiritcat, glad to know you! So far seems that the better thing is to contact stallion marine to introduce myself in order to get some info concerning the spirited 480 and to receive from them more info on how to make an order. I know that spirited 480 from now on is available also in eu as they are located in tunisia Esprit Marine, Builder of the Spirited Catamarans but since me and my girlfriend have to start our plan from a point -no matter where is it located- so why don't save some money buying the boat there? I tought that with the same money i can put more optional on the spirited such as carbon mast, lazy jack, double the auto pilot, a new spectra machine etc., for istance... Anyone of you guys know wich is the best person to contact in stallion marine? Thank you for let us know!

peter.bomberg 17-12-2008 23:39

I am chatting/emailing with Craig about modifying a 480 and it's a great Cat from all my research, I am doing some fairly large modifications to make it into a dive platform running 100% of Solar and regenerative sailing but it seems to be VERY well designed. The estimated sail ready costs from Stallion is in the 900K range not sure how much Espirit is asking.

spiritcat 17-12-2008 23:48

You can contact either Dave Biggar or Julian ?? at Stallion. Julian is the boat builder and Dave looks after the commercial side. I believe Dave is sailing in the Sydney to Hobart this year, so he may not be contactable. Their contact details are on their web site. They have supplied fittings to myself and other home builders, if you talk to them mention my name, Peter Care.
My son who is also a boat builder may be starting with them in the new year.

flyinghigh 18-12-2008 06:40

@ Peter Bomberg: congratulation for your project, it sounds very interesting.. i hope to get in touch with you on the developing of your plans..
@ Peter Care: thank you for your kind help, surely i will follow your suggestions to contact Julian/Dave, then i will get back to you..
Kindest regards to you all, adelchi

peter.bomberg 18-12-2008 08:26

flyinghigh, sure and as I am Swedish I have to say welcome to Scandinavia, enjoy the herring and the sailing.

If you are a serious diver then many of the design changes I am making such as integrated rinse tanks, a hatch to the dive room (aft room in one of the hulls), etc...

flyinghigh 18-12-2008 10:06

@ Peter.Bomberg well done.. many thanks and cheers!! By the way, from the order, how much long are extimated delivering time to make the spirited 480 ready? Thanks for your support!

peter.bomberg 18-12-2008 13:43

@flyinghigh, I am looking at building it so my "lead" time is 5-6 years.

Esprit Marine 29-12-2008 09:42

Hi FlyingHigh,

We are not allowed to give any commercial information on the forum, but would you need any technical information on the Spirited catamarans, we will be happy to help.

peter.bomberg 29-12-2008 11:41

Esprit Marine, please contact me as I am very keen to understand some of the costs and so forth a bit more.about is my email address

flyinghigh 04-01-2009 12:43

Hi Esprit Marine thank you so much for your kind help. Please contact me ( as i need to compare some costs regarding my purposes.
Warmest regards, adelchi.

SpiritedDesigns 19-03-2009 17:29

Dear All,

I usually don't take part in these Forums however I felt that I should clarify some points that have been raised above in relation to our designs.

In relation to the Spirited 380 engine hatches. The modifications made to the aft steps above the engines by some of the builders has been done without our approval. The changes were not necessary and were chosen by these builders according to their personal opinions/preferances. These changes are very noticeable and in my opinion unsightly to the design. All other Spirited 380's launched to date have been built true to design with no issues in relation to access. In my opinion the access is in fact better with the standard step/engine hatch design. Stallion Marine have built every boat other than their latest boat to the standard aft step design, the only reason the latest boat was modified is because they chose to use Yanmar engines which were slightly higher than the Nanni's. The mid step was raised slightly to accomodate and this was the only minor change.

I would like to reinforce that there were no problems and are still no problems with the standard aft step/engine hatch design. Engines/saildrives can be removed/replaced with the standard design.

I hope this helps to clarify these matters.


Craig Schionning

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