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svsonora 12-05-2019 09:12

General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
I sail a Bristol 30, which is really more of a 29 footer, with a narrow 9.5ft beam. My extended cruises are done solo or with 1 crew. This means I don't need to cook a lot of food at once. I've been downsizing most things onboard.

I was wondering what you all carried for cooking. I've downsized pots and pans to small ones - 1.5qt saucepan with cover and an 8 inch frying pan seems to cover everything. I may get a small 1.5-2qt pressure cooker as well. 1 knife (blade about 7" long with sheath), wooden spoon that fulfills 3 roles (spatula, ladle, stirrer). I cook everything on an alcohol stove. On my boat, space is more of a premium than fuel costs.

I've noticed most people carry way way more, either by nesting products or stuff from the home kitchen.

What do you guys carry? How do you stow it? Any inconveniences that you've noticed?

dcstrng 12-05-2019 09:19

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
Have something like a 1 1/2-qt pressure cooker I had on the B24, worked well -- so far the ODay just has a camping stove, so pots `n pans haven't really been something I've thought about.. but for me am not a gourmet, so a 2-egg frying pan, small pot and a pressure-cooker is about all I expect to have -- once I get a proper stove in the ODay that is, too many issues otherwise to fiddle with at the moment..

psk125 12-05-2019 17:51

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
We have nesting pots & pans that stack up nicely and store in the oven. 10, 8, and six inch pans and two pots. We're cooking for as many as eight on overnight races, so we need more cookware than you can get away with. Three or four kitchen knives and some serving utensils fit in a narrow drawer. For cruising we add a muffin pan. Can't do Maine without blueberry muffins!

contrail 12-05-2019 18:20

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
Definitely learn to use that pressure cooker. It will become your best friend. Kuhn Rikon is the gold standard....expensive but worth it. Keep things simple. Most people have way too much.

billknny 12-05-2019 19:11

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
At 52 feet we aren't a "smaller cruiser", but we really didn't add anything when we graduated from a 40 footer, so this should still apply.

It really depends on priorities. Full time liveaboards who love to cook (us!) will have a different set of needs than a weekend who is happy heating franks&beans.

We have a Magna Nesting Pot set that gets used everyday (and has for 10 years). A cast iron skillet you'll pry from my cold dead hands, a pressure cooker, and assorted baking pans. A box 12" x 24" x 6" of cooking utensils, and a knife block with chef's knife, paring knife, and fish cleaning kit.

We rarely eat out, because we know we can get better food onboard.

Mike OReilly 12-05-2019 19:29

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
Our 37-footer is a fair bit bigger than your Bristol, but space is still at a premium. We’ve used Magna nesting pots for must be the last 15 years now. Consists of four pots, and one fry pan. Added to this we have a medium-sized pressure cooker pot, as well as various backing pans for the oven.

We carry an assortment of kitchen knives, along with most standard kitchen hand tools (whisk, ladle, spatula, wooden spoons, silicon scrapers, etc.).

Good, simple cutting boards are essential. We carry several flexible plastic ones.

I find mixing bowls to be very important as well. We have three large collapsable silicon bowls, and one extra large collapsable bin. The latter is perfect for making bread or cookies or other such foods.

Adiona 13-05-2019 08:05

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
We went from a sailboats from 26’ with that alcohol stove, to 44’, as well as powerboats from 44’ down to our current 33. We had Magma cookpots, but little by little I replaced the pans because I got tired of fishing through them to get the right size pan and lids that were always too big or small. So recently I bought a crockpot pressure cooker and a stainless Dutch oven type pan with a glass lid - not the heavy cast iron ones or the nonstick type - and I use it for everything from soup, cooking pasta to frying meat or fish. It’s about 12” across and about 5” high and has a glass cover for about $50.00. What I really like is that is has small rubber handles on both sides, no long handle to get in the way. It also bought a silicone steamer basket from Amazon (or Bed and Bath) for cheap to stack up food inside the pressure cooker. Sear meat on the bottom, put 1 or 2 of those silicone baskets on top to cook vegetables. I took every other pan home. So my pan repertoire is my SS Dutch oven, a Crock Pot pressure cooker, ( which is a little bit finicky on a bobbing boat), a 9” frying pan, mostly for eggs and toast and a largish Tupperware bowl with a cover for potluck food. The land fit into the bowl till I need it.
For spices I got those screw together pill savers, the larger ones, from Amazon, and I carry my spices in them. I also bought amber food safe storage jars that are a little bigger for the more odoriferous spices, like garlic and dried onion bits, so thI boat doesn’t smell like a deli. Label them as you are storing them. Mine are labeled on the side as that’s how they fit in my drawer. They are much lighter than glass jars, and the many different size spice jars were a nightmare to store.
The best favor I did for myself was to gather my favorite recipes so I know exactly what’s in them. Get help from your friends and family and tell them your constraints. They’ll be happy to help, as will I. Just a handful of index cards really, I organized them by main dish, dessert, appetizers, and salads. And my favorite section, all no cooking. I also have 4 small thin bamboo chopping boards from Target that I use for chopping as well as for placemats. They have a hole so I can tie a ribbon to be festive is I like. Everything I serve is fork size to finger food, so no knives onboard that I don’t use for cooking. I bought a knife safe from the RV site and installed it inside the deep drawer for about 4 knives. They are easy to make with blocks of wood and a piece of luan or plexiglas. Google this. My one luxury is nice napkins for the holidays or to line a bowl to bring stuff to a potluck. always make simple food special. I do keep a good supply of freezer bags and the bags that you can boil in. I clean and reuse these.
Sorry for the long post but to summarize, I have a pressure pot, a small SS frying pan the fits inside a Dutch oven with the cover and this fits inside a big plastic bowl and the lid under the whole pile. It could hang or just live on the stove all the time if you have rail holders and a bungee cord to hold it together. I have only 4 knives, and a filet knife, a sharpener, and a few cooking spoons and spatula. Be sure to measure your storage space before buying pans or storage jars. Don’t use those individual pill bags from the pharmacy as they “melt” after awhile and you have a small mess. If anyone is interested I can look up where I got what, but the local Walmart, Amazon, or Target online is where all these came from. Good luck. Let me know if I can help.

Pegu Club 13-05-2019 08:23

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
On our Bristol 29.9 we use the nesting Magma pots & pans, a stainless tea pot, plastic utensils, etc, two burner Origo, oh and an Omnia stove top oven, with that we cook just about everything. Just the two of us.

Fair winds,

River Cruiser 13-05-2019 08:39

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
A Kuhn Rikon 4th burn pot is one item that gets used very often. It has a basket that I use to steam vegetables and to hardboil eggs. Remove the basket boil water for tea or cook cereal. A selection of ceramic knives, they stay much sharper longer. A couple of omelette pans, cast iron skillet, 4 quart pressure cooker and a couple of small 1.5 - 2 quart pots with lids. I also have a bread machine that makes 1 pound loaves, having a generator to power it makes it worth finding a place to store it.

Maka 13-05-2019 11:19

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
The one thing I have besides what has already been mentioned is a coffee pot.
When on shore power its plugged in.

Other times I biol water on the stove and pour it in over the basket of coffee grounds.

Stu Jackson 13-05-2019 11:37

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
We have a nice deep drawer, holds all the kitchen utensils (wisk, spatulas, big knives) and two frying pans and two pots (medium and small). Separate drawer with dividers for eating utensils. Nothing fancy, we're not gourmets either, but we don't starve. Least not yet. I have a PC, hsaven't used it yet.

sguerrero1971 13-05-2019 11:56

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
We have the nesting Magnas with the ceramic coating, so they are really easy to clean. We store them in the oven when not in use. We have gotten some really good one pot recipes off the internet that makes it nice and easy. One thing we have that I haven't seen mentioned is a 3 cup rice cooker, it comes in really handy. It doesn't draw a lot of power so we can run it off the inverter\solar just set it and listen for the little song it plays when the rice is done.

Trailer Sailor 13-05-2019 12:19

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
I had been using a various assortment of Teflon coated pots and pans with plastic cooking utensils. The Teflon still got scratched from usage and handling and some of the plastic utensils have been damaged beyond usability from the heat. I have since upgraded to stainless steel on everything.

Virginia Lee 13-05-2019 14:38

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
Adding to a above, we also have a GSI outdoors toaster for the stove. Toast/bagels and no rust. Got newest from Amazon, original a dozen years ago at Miami boat show. Original eventually had tears in the heat grid, the new model has reinforcement to prevent that, so this should last forever. To keep a good company (that doesn't rely on planned repurchase) in business means more sales hint, rotate toast often to gradually dehydrate, then crisp it. It colapses, has a case, takes very little room

Dave22q 13-05-2019 15:42

Re: General survey on cookware onboard on 'smaller' cruising vessels
My Morgan O/I 33 is fairly spacious but I don't use much. Grill on rail, microwsave, one burner propane and electric coffee maker. Plastic containers for nuking stuff, 8" wok for almost everything (+s1.5 Q pot somewhere). Magnetic bulkhead strip for knives (carving, paring, fishing), scissors, tongs, long lighter and spatula (mostly use small rubber tool).
On deck grill brush hangs next to propane grill, 20 # canister at stern/ 12' connection hose.
Dorm type freezer and refrigerator ( my experience: 12v equipment is Chinese junk or overpriced) but I have a generator/ live in south Florida.

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