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endoftheroad 11-12-2008 17:22

Can anyone identify the boat in this picture?
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Hello Fellow Sailors,

I finally registered as a new user today. I really enjoy this forum.
I shouldn't have problems navigating here as I am familiar with this format. I will be around in the future as this is our lifestyle and it only gets stronger. Key West and North Carolina are our most recent haunts.
We are returning to the water full time as soon as we can find the proper sailboat for me and my Aussie girlfriend. We have spent the past 2+ years hiking in the Appalachians and Cycling some states and of course working very hard. We lived full time on our sailboat for several years and are more excited than ever to re-enter the lifestyle. We lost our first sailboat while at anchorage by Hurricane jeanne and sold the second. We found this forum while searching westsail 32's on the web.

The sailboat in the pics I spent a couple years admiring it in Key West and 12 months ago there was a 4-sale sign on it. I called several times for information but got no answer.
Does anyone have any clues who makes the boat?:confused:

Thank you very much,
end of the road.

amarinesurveyor 11-12-2008 17:34

Cape Dory 36? Maybe a CD 40 on second glance?

SouthernComfort 11-12-2008 17:37

I'll take a stab. Looks like a Cape Dory 40' cutter.

endoftheroad 11-12-2008 17:47

Funny thing!

I asked my friend a few days ago via email back in Key West to see if the boat is still there and I just got his mail saying it is still there but with no for sale sign on it.
I moved away from kw 2 years ago and only went there for one week last December, that's when I saw the boat there again but with for sale sign.

I may have him put a note on it asking if it's still for sale.

He doesn't know what it is either. It has a large cockpit. I'll look at my cd of photos and see if I can upload any better pics that may help you identify.


endoftheroad 11-12-2008 18:20

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I found the other 3 pics I have of the boat.
The pic of the cockpit may be a usefull one.

Thanks for all the help.

endoftheroad 11-12-2008 19:07

You guys are great!

With your information I found it by searching on the web.

She is listed for sale on ""

"1979 cape dory cape dory 36-36' boat"
Her name is Sassanoa, price is $62,000.

Thanks again. :)

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