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Charlie 14-11-2008 09:30

San Diego Harbor Cruising
Hello All:

I know that some of you live in the San Diego Area and was wondering what some of the fun things to do in San Diego Harbor are. My boat is currently in the South Bay and I have arranged for a long weekend in San Diego with a few of my mates. We will be flying down on Thursday night and then have Friday Sat, Sun, and part of Monday to explore. It takes us about 2 hours to get to Point Loma from where we are berthed so the idea of going to Catalina is not so appealing b/c it would be a 90 nm slog and I want to do somethign more relaxing. The idea of checking out some of the nicer places in San Diego Harbor sounds fun and maybe just going up to Mission Bay but I thought that people who live in SD could give me some good ideas. links, or books worth looking into.

Charlie 14-11-2008 15:54

After searching thru some of the google finds I found this website: San Diego Waterfront, the first place for news about the big bay - yacht clubs, sailing, boating, chartering, yachting, racing, scuba diving and surfing Anybody else have some good sites, books info?

delmarrey 14-11-2008 21:40

If the winds are good (should be this time of year) you could do a over-nighter at the Coronado Islands just S. into Mexico. The leeward side of the big Is. is a good anchorage. You'll find other US boats there as well.

The last time I sailed it got to see porpoises and a school of hammerheads.:eek: :smiling:

squarerigger 15-11-2008 00:06

If you are out on the water this weeked, both Saturday and Sunday almost the entire fleet of the Maritime Museum, less Star of India, will put to sea - HMS Surprise, steram yacht Medea, Pilot, state tall ship Californian, and privateer Lynx - the latter two will also engage in mock naval combat. You wont see thhat too often.

Charlie 15-11-2008 07:54

Thanks Del. I was wondering about the anchoring around Los Coronadoes. The book I have that covers it a little says to be careful if there are any storms around but that is goes w/o saying.

Square rigger. I'd love to see that. Unfortuately I am landlocked this weekend.

Anybody else have any ideas on San Diego.

Roy M 15-11-2008 09:33

Call the Harbor Police (619) 686-6272 to obtain an anchoring permit, then hang out at La Playa Anchorage in Shelter Island. It's pretty, quiet and relaxing. Or, go to the Coronado anchorage area, in the lee of the golf course and in sight of the Hotel Del Coronado and Boathouse. Same deal: quiet and pretty. A somewhat longer trip is to Mission Bay's Mariner's Cove. None of these has convenient night spots close by, so be prepared to generate your own entertainment.

If you venture to the Coronado Islands, be sure you carry no fishing equipment unless you have licenses for yourself and crew and the boat. If you anchor for the night, on the sand flats to the east of South Island (30-50', good holding), you will have to check in with Homeland Security at the Shelter Island Harbor Police docks on your return.

Sailing out to San Clemente is an entertaining trip, but rather long. Plan on a three to four day trip so you can have a day or so to dive its crystal waters. Check the Notice to Mariners regarding firing practice, which could ruin your whole day if unprepared.

Catalina, and the balance of the Channel Islands, are a greater time commitment, outside the scope of your proposed available stay.

You can also sail around the Point and anchor in the kelp beds for a few hours to fish and dive or surf.

San Diego is limited in destinations, but rich in good weather and interesting land-based options. You can go visit the Maritime Museum, maybe by docking at Anthony's Seafood Restaurant for a couple hours. Point Loma has a number of stores that are pretty cool: Downwind Marine on Canon St., also the nearby Sailing Supply, or the West Marine Flagship store on Rosecrans. Excellent fish tacos at Santana's on Rosecrans (2 locations). And, of course, Point Loma Seafood, the best place anywhere for fresh goodies. Also, have breakfast (or anything else) at Red Sails on Shelter Island Drive, where much of the waterfront shows up.

Go beach diving or surfing in La Jolla, watch the hang gliders at Torrey Pines, take your clothes off at Black's Beach, go hike Mission Trails Park or visit museums and the world-famous Zoo at Balboa Park. Hop on the trolley and ride it to the ends of its routes and back.

Then, if you're still looking for exciting adventure, you can come help me sand my cabinsides and learn to paint with linear polyurethane. You get to take home all the paint spots you want at no additional charge.

Charlie 15-11-2008 14:31


Originally Posted by Roy M (Post 223912)
Then, if you're still looking for exciting adventure, you can come help me sand my cabinsides and learn to paint with linear polyurethane. You get to take home all the paint spots you want at no additional charge.

Why didn't you put that first. Do we have to pay to help you. LOL.

Thanks for the advice. On Los Coronados do you need to have a passport to get back in or is a drivers license still enough?

We are berthed close to Loews Coronado Resort in the South Bay. Might try Mission Beach. Is there a place to achor near La jolla Shores. That would be fun to go there and surf.

Roy M 15-11-2008 19:07

My fees for apprenticeship are quite small, but the period of indentureship is significant. You can anchor, in good weather, off La Jolla Shores, as long as you stay out of the Nature Preserve offshore. It's an open roadstead, so don't leave the boat unattended.

Charlie 16-11-2008 09:56

Thanks Roy:

I think what I'll do is practice on my own boat and just aspire to become your apprentice ;)

I'm thinking of surfing off of La Jolla Shores with the boat at anchor. I'll have to see what the conditions are like.

Roy M 16-11-2008 17:14

Rats! I was actually going to find myself a white robe and practice calling you "Grasshopper".

Charlie 16-11-2008 20:59

IF we can connect when I'm down in SD I'll buy you a beer and "If you can snatch the change from my hand it will be time for me to go."

theonecalledtom 16-11-2008 23:43

You can also anchor at the Zuniga shoal, depending on swell and weather as its fairly exposed or around the corner in mission bay (theres a free anchorage if you head to port before the first bridge). The former has the horn at the harbor mouth a little close but we've found you start ignoring it pretty quick!

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