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mike d. 22-09-2018 08:57

New Mainsail
Hello All ! I finally have to replace my main ! I know this has probably been hashed out before, but I considering Rolly Tasker/National sails In Fla. and FarEast in Hong kong. Has anyone good, bad or other to say about either!?:whistling:

tenchiki 22-09-2018 10:39

Re: New Mainsail
I don't have any experience with that reseller, however I bought a Rolly-Tasker jib for my boat a couple of years ago. The construction quality is quite excellent; I selected their "coastal" quality, which I think would be offshore quality even (as it is) without triple-stitching. 2 caveats, however: triple and quadruple check your measurements, as you are the measurer! Also, the hardware used is rather excessively oversized for my 24ft boat, more appropriate for a 30ft.
I'm also looking at replacing my mainsail, and going to checkout Rolly-Tasker for that.

mike d. 22-09-2018 13:20

Re: New Mainsail
Thanks for the come back tenchiki ! I am dealing with their loft in Fla. Dirk has sent me the measurement checklist ! Pretty straight forward ! Rolly wants 1400+-, and FarEast wants 1300! What a difference with other lofts 2200 ++++ They both sent rep photos of their work ! A lot different than 79' !

kenbo 22-09-2018 13:41

Re: New Mainsail
I've bought sails from Dirk in the past and would do so again. The caveat is your skill in measuring, knowing any customizing you may want like a high clew and most importantly what fabric you want to use for your intended use.

s/v Moondancer 22-09-2018 14:12

Re: New Mainsail
Dirk and RT Sails were excellent when I bought from them.

CarlF 22-09-2018 14:24

Re: New Mainsail
Assuming you are using Dacron, spend some extra for better cloth. Your sail will hold it's shape twice or three times as long.

The Rolly Tasker web site says they even offer Marblehead cloth. It's expensive but if you sail a lot, your cost per year of use is likely lower. My sails are made of Marblehead - five years and the shape looks as perfect as new.

Here's a great page on sailcloth from Mack Sails

kmacdonald 22-09-2018 16:27

Re: New Mainsail
I have purchased sails from Rolly Tasker/National sails In Fla and was very happy with them and the price.

funjohnson 22-09-2018 16:38

Re: New Mainsail
I purchased a staysail from Farr East, and while it looked good out of the package, I really don't think the 'Sunbrella' they quoted is actually Sunbrella. It started darker than known Sunbrella I purchased elsewhere, and it has faded in just one year. Because of this discrepancy, it makes me wonder about the Challenger sailcloth the sail is made of and it's true origins.

Give Precision Sails a try too. New Sails Custom Designed for Your Sailboat - Precision Sails Ltd

*We work with Precision and they gave us a Yankee headsail last year to film.


Pegu Club 22-09-2018 16:41

Re: New Mainsail
I have heard good results with RT sails, we opted to go with Mack sails for our Bristol 29.9, we are happy with their work.

Fair winds.

roverhi 22-09-2018 17:02

Re: New Mainsail
Another happy Mack Sails customer. Had them make a main, 135% genoa, Asym spinnaker, and a new boom for our P35. They are supplying a new boom for the new to me Sabre 28 Mark I and will be getting a new main from them later. Great service and price. Mack Sails – Sailmakers

There is ersatz Sunbrella out there that fades badly. Don't know how long it lasts but if fading is any indication it's not a cost saving substitution except for the supplier.

Jim Cate 22-09-2018 17:10

Re: New Mainsail
FWIW: measuring for a head sail is pretty easy, and the penalties for minor errors are small. Mainsails are far harder to "get right" for the amateur measurer, or for a pro for that matter. If you decide to go with any mail order mainsail, do be VERY careful to make the measurements correctly. Things like mast prebend are not that easy to measure, and can make big differences in the final sail shape.


mike d. 22-09-2018 20:08

Re: New Mainsail
Hello All thank you for the input ! As I posted I thought the measuring was pretty straight forward ! HelloJim Kate Thanks for that tidbit ! I do not have pre-bend, so I believe I should be alright with how I measured ! I followed instructions on order request as requested by Dirk ! I thought this would be more time consuming/difficult ! Just have to decide between loose foot and attached as the original sail was. The measurements on sailboat data were some what off As my foot is actually 13 ft not, 14+- as they show and the luff was actually pretty close ! This is based on the original sail size ! Again thanks for all the input ! I'll let you all know how this turns out ! regards Mike

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