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Michaelknight 11-07-2018 04:58

LED bulb cabin lights 1986 Pearson 28
We have a 1986 Pearson 28 under contract. Just awaiting survey and sea trial. I want to replace all my cabin light bulbs with LED bulbs. Is it safe to do this without changing the fixture. Has anyone else done this in an older Pearson. Would anyone know what th original bulbs are so I can find an LED replacement.
I found this at It looks like the bulbs.

Sorry I donít have a pic of the original bulb yet.

Thanks for any help

Time2Go 11-07-2018 10:35

Re: LED bulb cabin lights 1986 Pearson 28
I helped a friend to the exact same thing on
her IP27. Bulbs were relatively easy to find
However, be aware that LED replacements
are pole ( - & +) sensitive
So in her case we had to dismount all
the fixtures and swap the wires.
A few hours work and a few bucks
spent on butt connectors.
Easy Job,

roverhi 11-07-2018 11:14

Re: LED bulb cabin lights 1986 Pearson 28
Replaced all the incandescent bulbs with LEDs In our 1969 P35. Only problem was figuring out what type of light output, warm or sun, and brightness. Been awhile so don't remember if we found a conversion other than trial and error. Fortunately, the chandlery let us bring back and exchange LEDs we didn't like. Only had polarity issues with the running lights. Maybe we got lucky.

slowneasy 11-07-2018 12:00

Re: LED bulb cabin lights 1986 Pearson 28
Replacing your bulbs should be no problem as others have noted. That said, I originally replaced my bulbs and then later replaced my entire fixtures with the below marine beam fixtures.

The replacement bulbs were better than the old incandescent bulbs, but replacing the entire fixture was a tremendous improvement. The new fixtures are much brighter and dimmable to whatever level you need. It made the interior of the boat much more pleasant to be able to read or work with plenty of light.

Michaelknight 11-07-2018 13:14

Re: LED bulb cabin lights 1986 Pearson 28
Thanks everyone for the links. Great information. I’ll let everyone knows how it goes.


boeing1 12-07-2018 09:12

Re: LED bulb cabin lights 1986 Pearson 28
there are several links to LED bulbs and most show a cross ref. led bulb for your light assembly. I would first check your light assembly's for condition, might be better to upgrade to a new LED light.

guyrj33 12-07-2018 09:40

Re: LED bulb cabin lights 1986 Pearson 28
you'll have to wait until you have the bulb in hand.
Seriously consider replacing the fixtures if the're old, the chance to have dimmable lights is worth it.

1973 Pearson 10M with LEDs

Pegu Club 12-07-2018 10:28

Re: LED bulb cabin lights 1986 Pearson 28
We did the same on our 1977 Bristol 29.9. only changed two fixtures. Dr LED and Marine beam are the suppliers we went through.

rbrentp 12-07-2018 11:25

Re: LED bulb cabin lights 1986 Pearson 28
I swapped every bulb on a 77 Snowgoose. I looked at usual suppliers and bought everything on ebay. Put in the bulb type and LED and there are a Kazillion of them waaay cheaper. They are all made in China regardless of the brand and the I bought spares and still saved a ton of money.
I had one bulb in about fifty that didn't work. They replaced it. Five years on and they are going strong.

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