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Brann- 17-06-2018 02:51

what are the drawbacks of installing my boiler tank upside down ?
I'm installing my new water heater tank and I'm wondering if installing it upside down (ie with all the inlets/outlets on top) would be acceptable.

I understand I wouldn't be able to use the purging mechanism if I was to do that, but I wonder if there are other issues I didn't think of?

the reason why I'm considering this is that installation would be way easier this way, and so would be maintaining the unit (checking for leaks, resetting the thermostat, etc...)

According to the manual, the unit can be installed horizontally or vertically, but there's nothing about an upside down set up.
thanks a lot for your advice!

grahamb 17-06-2018 04:29

Re: what are the drawbacks of installing my boiler tank upside down ?
Hi....if the water heater has a heating element so as to be capable of heating using mains power supply...….the exact location of the heating element is elements are usually 'continuously rated'...which means that the heat generated must be transferred away immediately....or the element may...and probably will.....burn other words the element should always be covered with water...…not air.

For a heater utilising a heat exchanger fed by the engine.... that heat exchanger is usually at the meet the incoming colder water supply...… as heat, and hot water rises.....and sets a ' circuit' in motion where the hotter water rises....and in so doing allows the colder water to fall....little point in having the heat exchanger at the top...….but there is always exceptions...… again refer to manufacturer.....have also seen an external heat exchanger to the tank to allow for anode placement...… which relied upon the 'thermo syphon' effect for circulation.

A drawing of the internal layout should be sought together with advice from the manufacturer...….

I have also seen a hot water service moulded into the hull structure.... using standard components....and filled an otherwise difficult space very nicely...….. :smile:

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