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GordMay 17-05-2018 03:37

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'100% certainty' MH370 crash was murder-suicide, former investigator says
'100% certainty' MH370 crash was murder-suicide, former investigator says | CBC News

Seems more like (another) reasonably possible hypothesis, than a logical certainty, to me.

hpeer 17-05-2018 04:48

Re: MH370
I still think the pilot took something from a dead passenger and then parachuted out to be picked up by a chase boat.

Wotname 17-05-2018 06:20

Re: MH370
And yet here is Michael Exner who rebuts what Larry Vance believes.

MH370 | Duncan Steel

About half down the linked page.

GordMay 17-05-2018 08:14

Re: MH370

Originally Posted by Wotname (Post 2633924)
And yet here is Michael Exner who rebuts what Larry Vance believes.

MH370 | Duncan Steel

About half down the linked page.

As did Martin Dolan, in my originally-linked article:
...Martin Dolan, former head of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau who appeared with Vance on the 60 Minutes episode, challenged Vance's certainty on his conclusions.
"The evidence is not yet sufficient to draw as firm a conclusion as you appear to have done," Dolan said.
Dolan, who led the search for the missing plane, said there are two viable theories that someone was in control of the flight when it crashed, "or they were not."
"There's evidence that supports both of those theories," he said.
It's only speculation that the flaps were down and that the plane did not run out of fuel, he said...

Which seems, to me, a more reasonable, though less conclusive evaluation.Sometimes, "I don't know" is the right answer.

Valiente 17-05-2018 09:22

Re: MH370
Call it whatever. Blame it to whoever.
The known chain of events could only happen by deliberate action from cockpit by someone fully knowledgeable with B777.

No technical failure/s or mishap could produce the known events.

If perpretator was Pilot, Copilot, both, or a 3rd person, open for all theories, some more plausible than others . But certainly no mishap.
Rest the innocent souls in peace.

JPA Cate 17-05-2018 13:58

Re: MH370
Malaysia announced that they decided it was mass murder/suicide. That will undoubtedly create some havoc for all the families involved.


a64pilot 17-05-2018 15:50

There have actually been several murder suicides on airliners, not all caused by the crew.
However that fact is pretty much covered up, cause who wants to get on a plane wondering if your going to die cause the pilot or other crew member is Wacko.

I remember talking to I think he was a UPS pilot who had been beaten almost to death with a hammer by a crew member attempting this.
He will never fly again.
Then there was a case where a fired baggage handler got on a flight with a 44 mag in the 70s I think, everyone died and there was so little left of the aircraft Im amazed the investigators put what happened together.

Wotname 17-05-2018 16:12

Re: MH370
What I don't understand about the linked reports in this thread is why it matters if the final impact with the ocean was a controlled low speed event or if the aircraft fell from altitude etc.

As Valiente accurately posted, some person(s) on board caused this event (there is no other rational explanation), IMO this constitutes "murder suicide ".

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