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johnar 05-10-2008 09:15

Simpson Lawrence Windlass
Hello All,

I am thinking of a windless for my boat Morgan OI 33' and this guy here in the marina has this used Simpson Lawrence Windless he wants to sell.

I do not have a model number but so have the serial number, is there a way to find out the model number from that or how can i get more info for this.

He told be it has new brushed and the gearbox has been gone over.

What would you say it is worth?????


AnchorageGuy 05-10-2008 09:20

Nothing. SL is not a very good windlass and not very dependable IMO. I would pass on it since you will probably be replacing it in the near future.

johnar 05-10-2008 18:26

thank you for the info

GMac 06-10-2008 01:10

Sadly I have to agree with Chuck. S/L did have issues mainly with water tightness.

Not all are bad, some are damn fine but as a rule the smaller range wasn't their finest work.

Liberty28 06-10-2008 03:32

If I could get a inferior windlass that could be kept up to par with increased maintenance then it would simply be a matter of what's it cost for the maintenance versus the price differential. This is assuming I'm not out cruising to the middle of nowhere and that I have access to parts and am willing and able to do work on the windlass. There are times I think when the search for quality can be overdone. Having said that, I usually try to get the best or, at least, the best for the money.


AnchorageGuy 06-10-2008 06:54


Originally Posted by GMac (Post 212803)
Sadly I have to agree with Chuck. S/L did have issues mainly with water tightness.

Not all are bad, some are damn fine but as a rule the smaller range wasn't their finest work.

I am sorry that agreeing with me makes you sad:)

Liberty28 06-10-2008 07:35

Good one, Chuck!!!

johnar 06-10-2008 10:52

Well i thought the asking price was high to start with $1,000, From what i was told it came off a 40' boat like a Great Horbor and the brushes was replace at a cost of $80 each brush. that alone i was shocked at.

Well thank you for the heads up, I'll keep my eye open for another one.


Cheechako 06-10-2008 11:58

It's probably worth $200+. They work but have corrosion issues etc.

Talbot 06-10-2008 12:28

IIRC spares are starting to be an issue. SL I believe were taken over by Lewmar, and this is one area that lewmar are not world beaters. There have been serious issues with water ingress and corrosion in their windlasses.

I prefer the lofrans.

svHyLyte 06-10-2008 12:41

For the size boat you have (33') and likely ground tackle, a vertical axis Maxwell VW 500 would be more than adaquate. The benefit of a vertical axis windlass is that with a duel direction solenoid, it will serve bow rollers on either side of the headstay (see MAXWELL VW500 SERIES WINDLASS ). Moreover, the unit only costs $1,300+/- USD which is an excellent value. We have found our Maxwell Windlass a sturdy, reliable and economical addition to our yacht.


s/v HyLyte

Little Otter 06-10-2008 15:21

Why spend extra money on an expensive ATV winch? all the windlasses are is an ATV winch with a weather proof shell. get one of these.

You can hit the trail with confidence when you've got the premium XT25. Its lightweight, easy-to-handle synthetic rope is great for pulling an ATV out of a sticky situation, and the rope's flexibility is perfect for plow lifting. Its fast line speed means you'll be out of trouble and back on the trail in a hurry. There's no reason to worry about rollback either, thanks to our patent-pending disc brake. Full sealing protects the XT25 from the elements, and its dependable all-metal 3-stage planetary geartrain and efficient electrical system provide long, powerful pulls with less battery drain. XT25 SPECIFICATIONS and PART NUMBERS:
Part Number: 75500
Rated Line Pull: 2500 lbs.
Motor: 12V DC, 0.9hp permanent magnet, sealed
Control: Sealed handlebar mounted mini-rocker switch
Geartrain: All-metal 3-Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio: 154:1
Clutch (freespooling): Sliding pin and ring gear
Brake: Patent-pending disc brake
Drum Diameter/Length: 2.0"/2.9"
Weight: 13.4 lbs.
Rope: 50' synthetic, 3/16" diameter
Fairlead: Roller
Recommended Battery: 12 Amp/hour minimum for winching
Battery Leads: 8 gauge
Duty Cycle: Intermittent
Warranty: Limited lifetime (valid in USA and Canada only) 12V DC PERFORMANCE SPECS:
Line Pull Lbs.Line Speed FT./minMotor CurrentPull by layer layer/Lbs.01814 amps1/25005001639 amps2/215015001096 amps3/184525005157 amps4/1586 Above performance specs are based on first layer of drum Winch Dimensions: 13.12" L. x 4.51" D. x 4.69" H.
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 3" x 4.88"

Cheechako 06-10-2008 15:58

I like the idea of all that on a drum above deck. Unfortunately, you would need to push the "Supersize Button" to get any line on that warn. And then there is the rust in a marine environment.... I used to use ATV winches for another purpose on a commercial line of boats and they dont last long at all.... even protected from the weather. The Warn may be better though.

GMac 07-10-2008 02:17


Originally Posted by Chuck Baier (Post 212857)
I am sorry that agreeing with me makes you sad:)

Opps, on reading back I could have phrased that a bit better. Great post though, I'm still giggling :D

The new range of Lewmars seem to be going OK and far better then the last S/L versions.

Being a Kiwi I'd have to drop in Maxwell but Quick are going aright as is Lofrans.

Maxwell RC 800 (sometimes called the Freedom 800) would be my call but (and Shhh it's still a secret... ) they have a new model coming out shortly based on the RC10 and we have been helping with a little testing. It looks to be a stunner and will stir it all up a bit. The new owners what to take on the beat the world. They look to be starting off in the right direction.

sneuman 07-10-2008 06:54

I own an SL 555 (manual) and have had no problems with it. However, if I should ever have a problem, it looks like replacement parts would be very difficult to find. So, that would be a consideration.

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