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Tafa 13-04-2018 16:17

Micron CSC Application at low temperatures... is OK?
Hello everyone,

Together with the upsizing, we are moving to Micron CSC for various reasons. Our launch date is April 28th (and it is absolutely non-negotiable) and... Canadian Spring has not arrived yet.

Micron CSC tech. sheet indicates that minimum application temperature is 10 degrees C. On the other hand weather pattern indicates that we may get only 2-3 days above to without rain (or snow:(

And here is the answer I got from interlux tech support: "If Micron CSC is applied below 10C you stand a chance of having issues with curing and/or adhesion. It may cure over time (24) but it may not cure properly. Interlux does not have a coating that will cure in the lower temperatures."

It would be great if I can get advise/input from CF

- What is the worst thing would happen if I apply Micron CSC at 5 degrees C. And how probable it is?

- Any recommendation of a bottom paint which can be applied properly at 5C temperature, suitable for both fresh, brackish and saltwater and would last 2 years in tropical temperatures and legit in Canada (Bottom has already sanded to the barrier coat so I can switch to any paint)

Many thanks in advance,


Orion Jim 13-04-2018 17:03

Re: Micron CSC Application at low temperatures... is OK?
I used CSC several years ago and found that if the temps dropped to below 50F it would skin over, thicken, and not want to dry. When they don't reccommend application in temps below 50F they are dead accurate and providing solid info.
I have no recommendations for a paint which will withstand low temp application.

psk125 13-04-2018 17:15

Re: Micron CSC Application at low temperatures... is OK?
Could you try draping tarps around the boat and warm things up with heaters long enough to have the paint dry properly? Waiting for the weather took us three weeks when we went to paint our decks outdoors

Tafa 13-04-2018 17:19

Re: Micron CSC Application at low temperatures... is OK?
Another friend gave the same suggestion.... I will build it tomorrow.

Thanks a lot

Glacier Crews 14-04-2018 13:41

Re: Micron CSC Application at low temperatures... is OK?
We live ion our 42NP trawler in Southeast Alaska. We routinely, 4 years in a row, apply CSC Micron to the boat bottom in April. This year we were on the hard on March 30, doing annual haul out chores. We have never had a problem.

There are 50 degree days, but that’s not what we look for in weather. We look for “no rain” for the time it takes to paint the bottom. We haul out, get pressure washed, do prep work (remove zincs, wire brush, clean thru hulls, etc)

. By end of March beginning of April we have graduated to “spring” (meaning 45 degree days, though low temps are late 20’sF.). We have found 5 hours without rain sometime and every year have had some 50 degree days, rarely will the temperature be higher than 38F at night. No problem, ever with the paint drying, curing, or working properly.

There are many, many fishing boats with same process going on who must be back in the water working by mid April, we have never heard of an issue.

Good luck. You should be fine.

Tafa 14-04-2018 16:10

Re: Micron CSC Application at low temperatures... is OK?
April 14th, 2018.... 14 days to launch.....

-6C with freezing rain..... not so promising

I am building a cover down from mid freeboard and I will put a heater in there (as attended of course) .... looks like very cost effective and logical.

And....... most likely weather will be sunny and 15 degrees as I finish building it :)

sand6000 14-04-2018 16:20

Re: Micron CSC Application at low temperatures... is OK?
I have applied CSC many times in winter and 5 degs C is usually OK as long as you apply around noon and can complete no later than 3pm. Equally important is humidity. If you can get a day with RH below 50% that should be OK.

Bear15 14-04-2018 19:12

Re: Micron CSC Application at low temperatures... is OK?
I'm in the same boat as you, I'm in Sarnia, had a look at the long range forecast for TO, it shows around 9C from next Friday to the following Friday, pick the days with no rain and it usually ends up being a degree or 2 or even 3 above the prediction, even at 9 with no rain you should be good to go, we're showing next Sat at 10C no rain, Sun 12C chance of rain, I'm going for it next weekend.

ramblinrod 15-04-2018 09:09

Re: Micron CSC Application at low temperatures... is OK?
First, it is always best to follow manufacturers instructions to a "T".

Sometimes, mother nature does not allow this in April.

Somebody needs to talk to the LO Yacht Clubs about allowing members sufficient time to perform proper, essential maintenance before breaking the ice to put the boats in the water, to let them sit there idle for 6 weeks before it is warm enough to enjoy them, just so a few members can freeze their hineys racing around the cans, the first week of May.

It's as simple as 2 launch dates. Pull the racers last so they go in first at the end of April, and then launch the sane people's boats in mid May.

We have 2 boats to paint before April 18th, 3 before April 27, and several more before May 12.

Many are VC17, which can be applied at <5C if need be.

VC17 is excellent in freshwater.

Though not "recommended" for saltwater, I have heard reports of those who have taken boats south and had no issues by having a diver scrape every 6 weeks or so.

So my recommendation to our customers is, "If heading to the Bahamas and returning within a year, just keep the VC17 and scrape the bottom frequently".

This is cheaper than stripping and coating with CSC before leaving and then stripping and recoating on return.

"However, if heading to salt water indefinitely, switch to a salt water paint like Micron CSC."

"In all cases, cheap paint is false savings. Less per gallon but more in annual maintenance and more frequent stripping".

The best solution when mother nature doesn't co-operate is to lay ground tarps (good for keeping down humidity evapourating from soil below the boat), and skirting tarps, to take advantage of any greenhouse temperature rise you can get, and to keep the wind from sucking the heat away.

Putting a 1500 W heater inside the boat will do absolutely nothing. (You may be able to raise the deck temp about 3C if you can keep the wind from pulling the heat away, but the hull temp will only rise maybe a half degree.)

It takes about 5 days from freezing temps with average daily temp at 10C to get the hull up to 10C.

Average daily temp of 10C this time of year is typically 15C H by 5 C L.

The chances of realizing this in spring 2018 on the north shore of Lake Ontario is nil.

So wait as long as you can for the temp to rise, and when you can wait no longer, get the temp as high as you can with tarps, and put the paint on.

If you have little risk tolerance, you could go to the trouble of putting a substantial shelter over the boat and firing a propane or kerosene salamander to make it toasty; just ensure you don't burn down the yard, the boats, and the clubhouse.

So there's some of my trade secrets; please don't tell anyone. ;-)

If you don't mind, please PM me with which Bayfield 36 you purchased.

Tafa 16-04-2018 18:31

Re: Micron CSC Application at low temperatures... is OK?
Thanks a lot for suggestions..... Second most viable option seems like building a temporary cover and heat up.....And your ground tarp is great. Thanks again, First (wishful) option is to keep being hopeful for a slightly better weather.......

Because of the plans... VC17 is not an option (neither VC offshore because of characteristics.... Actually my first choice would be Micron Ultra........ then found out that it's not available in Canada.

If the weathermen are right this time.... weather seems like to be improving starting Wednesday.... I will wait one more day the take action one way or another...

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