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slipaway2017 10-04-2018 11:41

Structural? crack
I have a crack in the fiberglass bed of the V-berth
The crack is in the middle of the recess in the v-berth and proceeds toward the bow for about 8 inches. When the boat is in the water the fiberglass raises up by about 1/8" and the crack opens up. When on the cradle it settles down to be just a crack. The boat is a 28 foot fin keel aloha sailboat.
Is this a sign of something starting to fail structurally?
Would appreciate any advice I can get...Thanks

JPA Cate 10-04-2018 18:48

Re: Structural? crack
Hi, Slipaway, sorry to hear of your boat troubles.

My take on this is that the boat was run aground, and yes, did some structural damage. However, it is most likely reparable. Do you have access to the hull directly, or is this a liner-built boat?

You will need to talk to someone well versed in vessel repair, to learn exactly how to approach it, because you will probably not be doing it on the hard, but in the water.

The worst case scenario will be if you do not have DIY skills, and little interest in doing the work yourself. Then it will be quite expensive, and perhaps more than the boat is worth. Sorry to sound mean, but it is what one is up against.


TrentePieds 10-04-2018 19:27

Re: Structural? crack

This is an either/or situation, methinks. It's either bad or it is trivial. Could you post a few pics of the damage and the surroundingarea so we can actually see what the problem looks like?

We can talk more when you've posted the pics.


slipaway2017 11-04-2018 09:27

Re: Structural? crack
Thanks for the responses. A local marina tech. diagnosed the problem. The sewage holding tank had a blocked vent and the tank under the v-berth expanded and cracked the fiberglass. Powerful gases I guess??...You were right...very serious or very trivial.
Thanks again to both answers.

sailormed 11-04-2018 10:08

Re: Structural? crack

Originally Posted by slipaway2017 (Post 2614082)
.... Powerful gases I guess??...You were right...very serious or very trivial.
Thanks again to both answers.

Or powerfull loo pumpers building up the pressure with the Jabsco/Raritan/etc pumps. :banghead:

Cheechako 11-04-2018 10:19

Re: Structural? crack
If the crack is only in the bed of the Vberth I wouldnt worry much. Repair it when it's flat I guess. Or do you mean in the hull?

slipaway2017 13-04-2018 03:13

Re: Structural? crack
The crack is in the fibreglass bed.Should be easy to fix....Thanks

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