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Sawbonz 28-08-2017 19:14

Start Raymarine, finish.......
Last week we got back the signed contract for the new Leopard 45 that will be delivered to us next summer. I dislike that I have to order the basic Raymarine package to have the boat delivery, but I do. It includes a VHF, autopilot, wind, speed and depth transducers and a 9 inch display. I did opt for the digital radar rather than have a wire run after delivery. As a note, I have a complete Garmin setup on my 25 foot Shearwater and its...ok.

Needless to say it is going to need some upgrading. My questions, some just to stir discussion, are:
1. I am going to want a 12 inch display and will relegate the 9 to the nav desk inside. Get another Raymarine or a different brand? If another brand, how would I make the larger one the master?
2. What's the best way to build redundancy into the autopilot?
3. Which other equipment would you want to add to this setup?
4. I have read previous threads where people question staying with one manufacturer. I am not married to that idea. If you are going to suggest swapping out individual components, which manufacturer/model for each?
5. Maybe the best discussion of all, which manufacturer is best? Consider whole systems and individual components and explain why, please.

I would consider if there were a market for the very slightly used equipment to pull it all and start from scratch.

So, how's that for a passel of questions with an almost blank slate!?

TheOffice 29-08-2017 07:04

Re: Start Raymarine, finish.......
They will likely wire with SeaTalk NG wire, not NMEA 2000 wire which would making switching brands more expensive. If you decide to rip it all out contact me. I'd be interested.

Gary Mc 29-08-2017 07:18

Re: Start Raymarine, finish.......
There is a simple adapter to go from Seatalk to NEMA 2000. Works well on my boat.

Sawbonz 29-08-2017 12:03

Re: Start Raymarine, finish.......
I wonder why they do SeaTalk at all? Anyway, I would need it if I stayed with RM. I'd love to hear opinions on other gear.

kenbo 29-08-2017 12:32

Re: Start Raymarine, finish.......
SeatalkNG has it's pros and cons. The pros are that since it carries an extra wire the older versions of Seatalk can be connected to the new backbone through either a converter or bridging device like an ST70. And they communicate well. The cable ends are smaller than Devicenet so it can be much easier to snake through conduit and holes.

The cons are you need the aforementioned adapter to connect to Devicenet cabling and since it's proprietary it's more expensive.

However, Flir/Raymarine's latest MFD, the Axiom and Axiom Pro are eqipted with N2K not SeatalkNG so maybe RM is joining the club as new products are being rolled out.


kenbo 29-08-2017 12:41

Re: Start Raymarine, finish.......

Before you ask for internet opinions on "what's the best electronics" you may want to consider what is mission critical for your intended purpose. Radar used to be and probably still is the top item but AIS is quickly moving up. Do you really need a fully integrated system or is redundancy a quality worth considering.

Just my 2 cents.


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