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sailing_gal 27-08-2017 09:28

Can I network a "broken" E80 with a good one?
My Raymarine E80 motherboard appears to have problems. After doing a lot of tracing and using freezing spray on the motherboard components, the problem appears to be the CPU heating up and switching itself off after about 5 minutes. At any rate, the unit is toast. Since I did not feel like updating everything, I have found a slightly used E80 to replace my old one with. I am thinking that perhaps, if the new one is the one that is doing all the computing as the master, I should be able to use the old one as a slave to have a second screen below deck, as my primary one is by the helm. My question for you electronic gurus---- would I have the same problems with the old one if it is not the one doing the computing, and just acting as a second screen if I attach them via the ethernet cable?

Basically what it was doing was freezing up after about 5 minutes and/or rebooting itself. Sometimes, to turn it back on, I had to shut down the breaker for it for about 3 minutes, then turn it on. And then the unit would last about another 5 minutes.

We froze several components with the unit out of the case and narrowed things down to the motherboard with no other visual apparent issue.

Redline452 28-08-2017 18:25

Re: Can I network a "broken" E80 with a good one?
I've e been told by RM people that the dc-dc converter transformer for the display backlight fails - I've had mine black out though not lock up, not that you can see anything in daylight. If that's your problem then the CPU is alive. If your CPU is truly dying, the unit can't network with the good one - the slave is more than just a display - it's a full MFD that just shares the charts over the network.

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