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sailcrazy 13-08-2017 22:04

Raymarine ST60 Speed Log
The paddlewheel on my removable ST60 Speed Log (initial instal approx 2003) has been damaged and needs to be replaced. Raymarine passed me off to Gemeco, who made the transducer, but they say they can not ID the paddlewheel without the part no, or serial no, or model no on the white tag around the sending wire......and my white tag is missing. My removable transducer body is approx 31mm in diameter and 81mm to the threads where the cap screws into the mounting tube secured to the hull. The paddlewheel is 30mm in diameter, 15mm wide, and each of the 4 paddlewheel blades is about 8mm wide and long. Can anyone provide me with the white tag data? Thanks

Pete7 13-08-2017 23:15

Re: Raymarine ST60 Speed Log
SC, the transducers are made by Airmar. I have the following part numbers on my label (ST60). This is how its printed on the label.

PN 31-487-1002
Rev 03
Customer Part No
31 250 4 42



sailormed 14-08-2017 00:15

Re: Raymarine ST60 Speed Log
Hy Pete7, I would like to identify my paddlewheel as well. Can you tell me at what place I can find the white label. I have never seen it on my boat.

Pete7 14-08-2017 05:25

Re: Raymarine ST60 Speed Log
Its a sticky white label within 12" of the sender unit. However, I suspect many will have been removed during install. Since I did my installation I couldn't be bothered and left it in place.


sailcrazy 14-08-2017 07:14

Re: Raymarine ST60 Speed Log
Thanks Peter....appreciate the help.

jdazey 14-08-2017 07:25

Re: Raymarine ST60 Speed Log
The white label on mine is at the connector end, not the sensor end. That's true of the depth transducer as well.

Look at the Airmar web site. They have a cross reference page. Look for Raymarine or Autohelm. There aren't that many. Mine is ST600. My part # is 31-250-1-41. The last part specifies the connection to the display. The paddlewheel for ST600s should all be the same, but you can call Airmar to check. I found them very helpful.


jdazey 14-08-2017 08:56

Re: Raymarine ST60 Speed Log
BTW, there are a lot of numbers on the label. It took me a bit to figure what to use. For an ST60 system, you looking for something that starts 31-xxx .

The label is securely sealed to the cable. It shouldn't accidentally come off.


CatboatWilly 14-08-2017 14:32

Re: Raymarine ST60 Speed Log
This is one of the more confusing things in life.
A very good description of what paddle wheel rebuild kit fits what Airmar transducer can be found at IMARINE.COM
There are six paddlewheel rebuilding kits available depending on what transducer you are using. . If you have speed log transducer marked # 20-399-01 for the ST 60 series then you'll need the 33-493-01 paddlewheel kit about $30.00 marked for the st 800.
See; iMarine USA - Search

If in doubt.....give them a call or go to their site and search for 'paddlewheel' (one word)

You are never out of work if you own a boat !

Seriously Slow 14-08-2017 17:11

Re: Raymarine ST60 Speed Log
Last year I was going through the same problem and finally figured out what the tag must have said and fixed mine. A few months later I found the tag hiding behind the sender wire way back in the engine compartment. at least 25 feet away. It had also split and fell off the wire.
Yours might still be somewhere in the vicinity of the sender wire anywhere it may go. I think mine became free to slide on the wire during installation.

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