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tjandoverguy 22-07-2017 12:31

house batteries wire
can someone direct me to correct way to wire house batteries
i have 4 75 amp 105 gc10 deka
they are in a square

ranger42c 22-07-2017 12:52

Re: house batteries wire
I think that means you have four 6V batteries...

The short version is make it two pairs. Connect positive on one battery in each pair to the negative terminal on the other battery in the pair. Now you have two 12V batteries, each consisting of a pair of 6Vs wired in series.

Next connect the two pairs in parallel, positive from one pair to positive of the other pair... and negative of one pair to negative of the other.

It's normal to use black jumpers for the pos-to-neg serial connections. Normal to use red and yellow for the pos-to-pos and neg-to-neg parallel connections, respectively.

Connect pos from boat to pos of one 12V pair, connect neg from boat to neg of the other 12V pair.

If you have an inverter/charger, you could do that too: pos to pos of one 12V pair, neg to neg on the other 12V pair.

Ideally no wires overlap on the batteries. Which could well mean some experimentation with how the batteries are oriented with respect to each other... so you can take best advantage of terminal locations...

I'm not expert, so better to read Nigel Calder's book first, and/or maybe some of the DC gurus here will chime in. And/or I bet there are marine electricians on St. Croix. Don't fry yourself in the meantime. :)


softdown 22-07-2017 15:19

Re: house batteries wire
Best explanation of how and why on the net.

SmartGauge Electronics - Interconnecting multiple batteries to form one larger bank

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