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jongough 13-07-2017 00:43

OCPN Draw 1.4 available
The new version of OCPN Draw (OD) is now available for installation. The following are the main highlights of this version.
  • Ability to move paths and points (boundaries, boundary points, text points, ebl points, GZ points) using just the left mouse button, i.e press and drag with the left mouse button. There is a setting on the general properties page to enable this
  • Ability to move a single segment of a boundary. This is accessed by a right click on the boundary and selecting 'Move Boundary Segment'
  • Ability to merge two or more boundaries. Whilst holding the Ctrl key down left click on boundaries you want to merge. The release the Ctrl key and right mouse click and you will get a merge menu. You can merge and create a bounding boundary and leave the original boundaries or you can do the same and delete the original boundaries.
  • Constrain movement of any OD object to Lat or Lon only. This is done by holding either the Ctrl or Shift key down whilst moving. The Ctrl key will lock the Longitude and the Shift key will lock the Latitude.
  • Parallel Index lines allow you to draw a line from the boat to any point and have an offset line drawn alongside it. The initial side is determined in the general properties.
  • Perpendicular Index Line from and EBL draws a line perpendicular to an EBL at its end point.
  • An API is now available for other plugins to use to speed up processing. This is the ODAPI and is currently used by the Weather Routing and Watchdog plugins.

This version has been tested on Windows 7 & 10, Ubuntu 16.04 and Raspberry Pi 2B & 3 using Openplotter system installation. A Mac version is being built but I do not have the ability to test it and no one with a Mac came forward during the 1.3 beta testing, so I am hoping it will work. If not please be as detailed as you can with reporting errors.


bcn 13-07-2017 01:11

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available

you made my day! :flowers:

Merging bounderies and pinning to Lats or Lons is a big step forward for daily use.

Thanks again


rgleason 15-07-2017 03:05

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available
During the Marblehead Halifax race I kept using this plugin for creation of boundaries along the NS shore and exclusion zones, EBL for distances, and pil for offsets. It's an essential tool.

rgleason 26-07-2017 13:02

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available

As you requested, finally, I have moved OCPN_Draw 1.4 documentation to
OpenCPN User Manual > Toolbars > Plugins > Navigation

Now in that location we have:
Ocpn_Draw 1.4
Ocpn_Draw Beta (old)

Jon, what do you want me to do with the beta version now?

Incidentally, to help other editors with the Move Plugin,
- First direct the browser to the destination location.
- The go to Admin and down to the Move plugin.
- The using the "Tree Move" is easier.

I found that to move from the Developer Manual over to the Opencpn Manual had to be done as a separate step and be executed.

Then I had to point the browser Toolbar > Plugins and then go to Admin and down to Move Plugin etc. in steps that each get completed.

The Move seems to be successful.

redog 01-10-2017 21:36

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available
1 Attachment(s)
Hi Jon
It was lovely to meet you and have a brief discussion about O and draw.

2 items that beg answers.

1. As you have previously stated draw doesn't interact with waypoints created in route manager (main frame of O) at request of Dave R that draw operate as a plug in.
However before draw, I like many others, used a route that ended at its start point to show an exclusion zone.
Draw IMHO is a much easier means of showing exclusion/inclusion zones allowing alarms to warn of crossing these boundary's and more.

Question is: With these saved routes, is there a way to bulk transport coordinates from route manager to draw?

2. My CM maps do not show green zones for example that have been introduced since charts release.
Queensland Gov has released a spreadsheet (attached) that shows various types of zoning that is relevant to where a person can fish etc.
With so many zones and variations to rules for each area it would be nice to bulk upload these to draw.
Some of these zones would be hard/impossible to upload as their descriptions don't follow exact GPS coordinates. For example phrases like,"follows the 2m contour line" are used. Solution here is I set my Shallow Depth to match, then I just keep clicking and adding more points to get the general shape of the zone. Some are also a radius around a single GPS coordinate.

2nd question: Using the attachment would it be possible to bulk up load to draw the ones with fixed corners?

I'm sure the rest of the world has old work a rounds that draw now offers a better solution to.
Draw is a credit to you as O is to the rest of the team.

Cheers Redog

jongough 01-10-2017 22:35

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available
Hi Redog,
Yep, good to see you too. Glad you are finding the plugin useful.

I can have a look and see how to implement what you have requested when I get home and back to my normal computers (a pi is great for navigation, but a bit slow for development, and that is all I currently have on board).

I think these changes (and others I noticed cruising this year) will need a new version. So if I can do it you will see an OD 1.5 beta version.


redog 01-10-2017 23:43

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available
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A word of warning to draw users.
In screen shot below "Allow Left Mouse Button Drag" if checked it is very easy to move your entire zone to a new location, thus changing all coordinates of waypoints you have painstakingly entered.:facepalm:
If you only intend to move 1 waypoint leave unchecked and use right click and move waypoint.
If you intend to move entire zone check this option, it is a brilliant concept and very useful.

rgleason 02-10-2017 17:50

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available
I added a quick note in the very well written manual (....phenomenal) similar to what Redog wrote below. Please change or delete as appropriate.

redog 28-10-2017 15:53

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available
2 Attachment(s)
Hi Jon
I was just playing with night settings and realised when I dim the screen any area created by draw remains unchanged in brightness.
Attached are screen shots, 1 each of the darkest 2 colour scemes.
In them the red areas are my green no fishing zones created in draw. (Watch them have a go at the Aussies over that one)
Don't know if this was one of the issues you encountered on your resent voyage!

jongough 10-11-2017 17:41

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available
Hi Redog,
Sorry for the delay but I had to go overseas unexpectedly and only got back a few days ago.

I have fixed this issue up in the 1.4 and it is patch level 1.4.5, but I have not generated any installables as I am still rebuilding my systems after I lost one of my hard drives just before going cruising. I have currently only checked this on Linux (Ubuntu), but I am hoping it will work on windows and Mac as well.


jongough 10-11-2017 22:18

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available
Patch 1.4.6 adds the ability to have two index lines created by default when a PIL is added. This capability is turned on in the main OD preferences. The offset of the second line will be the same magnitude as the first line, but will be on the opposite side of the boat. You can set the default colour, line style and line width using the main properties.


rgleason 11-11-2017 05:42

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available
Nice Jon. I'll give it a try. Thanks..

Andreas29 13-11-2017 10:14

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available
2 Attachment(s)

I played around with Odraw 1.4 now.
On a raspberry pi2 OpenCPN locally build and OC installed as the readybuildpackage from the repo. I observed a "funny" thing:

When I create a PI (parallel index line) and then go into the odraw manager, mark the created line then go to properties I can do changes and all is good. I can close the window and all is fine.
But if I open the manger, mark the created line, then properties and then double-click on the corresponding line in the lower half of the window and then change in the properties window of the parallel line something and close all windows I got broken icons wich get "perforated". The same happend when using the right click menue (clicking the central bearing line) then properties then in the following window go to the pi-line in the lower half of the window, double click to get the properties of the pi-line then after closing all the icons get broken.
After closing OpenCPN and restart all is ok again.
When I got the broken Icons I can click on the Icon for the options of OpenCPN then go to properties then click on Apply and ok and then the Icons are ok too but the right click of the ODraw plugin, the grib plugin, the WMM Plugin suddenly changes ist language to english (normal german for me) and not only the right clicks menu, theese plugins themselfes, all menues and Windows changes to english :confused::confused:
When this happens I canīt get to the properties of the pi-Line. The menue Point is visible but nothing happens when click it.

I made a screenshot with the broken Icons, see attachment. To see the normal Situation I made a second pic with the right icons.

The funny Thing is, that the Icons are there but not visible.

I have to say, that I had problems too with Odraw when only using all the ready build packages, that means when using the ready-build pack for OpenCPN main. But this I have never seen before. :confused:

With the windows-OpenCPN all is fine. Just happens with the raspberry.



rgleason 15-11-2017 13:27

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available
I downloaded the most current and tested PIL quite a bit. It seemed to work well, unlike the problems redog found. My problem was that sometimes my right click to go to properties did not work. Clicking on Manager usually fixed that. I moved the endpoints (both) and was also able to reattach to boat long lat.

I did not test the night mode stuff, but will.
Thank you

rgleason 15-11-2017 14:06

Re: OCPN Draw 1.4 available
Are there any areas of the pi you'd like tested in particular?

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