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irwinsailor 25-03-2003 23:09

Working on the boat?
Does working on the boat count as entertainment? I can spend all day everyday working on our boat. I laugh. I cry. it costs me money. It may be entertainment after all!

Pblais 25-03-2003 23:51

Of course it's entertainment. I doubt the IRS would be entertained however.

AnchorageGuy 26-03-2003 07:30

Remember the true definition of cruising. Doing boat projects in exotic places.:cheers:

Popeye 28-03-2003 21:53

Re: Working on the boat?

Originally posted by irwinsailor
Does working on the boat count as entertainment? I can spend all day everyday working on our boat. I laugh. I cry. it costs me money. It may be entertainment after all!
I agree on that. Working on the boat can be quite a lot of entertainment both for myself and all the people that come by to look!!!

irwinsailor 28-03-2003 22:25

Popeye! You may be on to something! I would say that I had about 300 different people stop and watch me work on the boat last summer. It sure was entertainment for them. So watching someone work on a boat IS entertainment!:jump: :jump:

irwinsailor 28-03-2003 23:51

I can't begin to tell you how many people told me how to do things! It drove me crazy. I would ask if they have ever done what I was doing, most had not but I was doing it wrong! Well the boat is in and I'm happy and that is all I care about! I am pleased with my work and my surveyor told me that everything I did turned out great and that my work was first rate. So I don't listen to all that free dockside advise.

Gisle 29-03-2003 01:55

Not typical Norwegian ...
So I understand it's not typical Norwegian that most boaters and wannabes (armchair boaters) know everything on boat maintainance.

Well, giving free advice are normally ment good - but when you're working on a boat project that takes days you're allowed to get a little tired of all the tips on "how to to it better". Agree?

It's a social affair too "working on the boat". People are curious and wanna see what's happening. Agree?

GordMay 29-03-2003 16:49

Working as Entertainment
Of course working on your boat is entertainment - for both the "doer" & the "watcher". Merely thinking about boat projects is entertainment.
As to free advice - I, myself, am full of it (advice, I mean) - and it's often (tho' not always) worth every penny you pay for it. :)

CaptJason 02-06-2003 08:05

I am to the point where I would say I love doing anything that has to do with the boat except SANDING :)

wingkeel 23-06-2003 13:32

when its your life, your love... you stroke it softly and speak only in sweet tones:p . I concider new stuff gifts for her. I guess I better install that new sounder I just got her:smiling:.

irwinsailor 10-02-2005 09:34

Does the reaming out that I get from my wife after someone comes over and talks to me (to long) count as entertainment?

Alan Wheeler 10-02-2005 10:26

Back to that point about everyone coming to watch. Now if we could just sell tickets.:D
But then I guess we would be moving out of being entertained and into being an entertainer. ;)

Strygaldwir 10-02-2005 13:09

Doing wiring and electrical systems I really get a charge out of. Plumbing is for S%&T. I REALLY dislike plumbing. Now getting into an engine can be quite motivating. Haven't got to the wood or fiberglass, but I don't expect to get too stuck on it.

Nothing as pleasurable as just messing around with a boat.


irwinsailor 16-02-2005 18:23

I do just love hanging around the boat. Today I was breaking the ice flow as it was blown into the boat. It was so much fun! And my hands turned a nice redish blue! But I was on the boat and that is what counts.:jump:

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