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LAKEBUG 10-05-2017 13:11

Battery Equalization
I have a 6-200AH battery bank. 4 of the batteries are on the starboard side and the other 2 on port side connected by a long cable. During the equalization process the 4 batteries get kind hot (i can hold my hand on it but its very warm-hot) the 2 batteries on the other side barely feel warm. They are AGM's about 4 years old and feel they are getting tired. Just bought boat a year ago and this is the first equalization I have done. It takes a year to get through all the manuals and notes on my Navigator 5300 Classic
Tim Reardon

sailorboy1 10-05-2017 13:30

Re: Battery Equalization
Don't normally equalize AGm batteries. You may have just cooked them

LAKEBUG 10-05-2017 13:41

Re: Battery Equalization
My Xantrex Freedom 30 Inverter/charger has instructions to do so. I am considering Lifeline AGM's and they say yes to Equalization

Can I equalize AGM batteries? - Lifeline Batteries

Paul L 10-05-2017 14:44

Re: Battery Equalization
The Xantrex directions are for standard flooded batteries. Lifeline is the only AGM manufacturer that openly recommends equalizing AGMs. Some of the other ones will give you the equalization info to try to recover a dead batt. I doubt that the Xantrex equalization left on its own would follow the Lifeline directions. You have to fully charge the battery prior to equalization.

john61ct 11-05-2017 05:06

Re: Battery Equalization

Originally Posted by sailorboy1 (Post 2390300)
Don't normally equalize AGm batteries. You may have just cooked them

First statement true, other than lifeline,

Second no, one time likely little harm.

sailorboy1 11-05-2017 07:47

Re: Battery Equalization
"May" look it up

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