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a64pilot 01-05-2017 12:35

30 Days
Last day at work, Retirement begins on 31 May.
Then I have given us two weeks to get rid of remaining stuff, put it in storage and turn the rental house back to the owners, then we are off.
I am sort of dreading it, seems it has taken forever for it to come, and I have a lot of work to do yet.
I hope though that 99% of the heavy work will be complete in a couple of months

Diesel Bill 01-05-2017 12:49

Re: 30 Days
Hey! That's a big accomplishment. Seems overwhelming at times. A big congratulations.
Some how things get done and you will feel a sense peace when all the little things get organized. My biggest problem is needing the things I got rid of and finding the things I saved.

dwedeking2 01-05-2017 13:01

Re: 30 Days
Congrats! Remember it doesn't have to be 100% to get undocked. Just buy the supplies you'll need for the projects and take them with you. Give you something to do between snorkeling and fishing and cocktails.

a64pilot 01-05-2017 13:12

Re: 30 Days
I've done most of the rework, what is left is standing rigging, chainplates.
I am contracting Mack Sails to do that as it's more than I want to tackle, then I have the HF to install, and a watermaker to buy and install, but then it ought to just be maintenance from then on.
Its getting through the house packed and stuff given to Goodwill, and stored I am not looking forward to.

PhiSig1071 01-05-2017 14:10

Re: 30 Days
Congrats, I'm jealous. I've got about 15.5 years til I retire. I'm already planning and downsizing!

sailorboy1 01-05-2017 14:18

Re: 30 Days
Unless you are planning to stop and then on day 2 cross the Atlantic stop worrying about it and go cruising. Half the stuff you are worried about wouldn't matter and most of the stuff that does you haven't thought of yet.

Just a super secret thing some of us know, ........................... there are stores all over and cruising is just doing boat work in new places.

Three Sisters 01-05-2017 16:05

Re: 30 Days
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robert sailor 01-05-2017 16:24

Re: 30 Days
Your feelings are completely normal but like everything in life it will all get looked after in some fashion. The first time we went cruising I was trying to live my life like I always had, schedule this schedule that. My wife finally took my watch and reminded me that I had to start thinking differently. It took me a couple of months to really settle in and the world changed, life started to become a lot more fun....I wish you the same thing experiences .

Jim Cate 01-05-2017 16:33

Re: 30 Days
Hey A64, You're getting there. And not looking forward to those tasks just means that you have good sense!

It will be tiring, frustrating, a PITA, and when you are done, it will feel REALLY good!

I kinda remember those days as being pretty traumatic. I also remember what a thrill it was to untie the dock lines the last time, head out the Golden Gate and turn left with no thoughts of coming back. Wow, was that great! And I've never regretted it...

So, hang in there, mate. I look forward a year or so to your posts from somewhere exotic, extolling the virtues of the life.

Remember, if it was easy there would be so many folks out cruising that it would be overcrowded everywhere you went...


hpeer 01-05-2017 17:38

Re: 30 Days
We sort of transitioned by working part time for about 3 years, one week work, one week on the boat at dock. Been off about a year now. About a month or two ago it hit me one day that I was still looking at my life as a vacation, gotta cram stuff in while I can. I'm still trying to adjust to retirement mode, this is the way I live now.

Rhapsody-NS27 01-05-2017 18:29

Re: 30 Days

March 31st next year will be my last day in the military. Looking forward to it myself.

Hope everything goes well getting your boat ready.

JPA Cate 01-05-2017 18:43

Re: 30 Days
Hi, A64pilot,

Congratulations, almost there!

I agree you want to have the rig spot-on. And, I have to say that having a watermaker increases your independence, with the plus that you can have all the showers you want.

The actual turning loose day may not be as bad as you fear: you already made the shift to a rental. You've already done most of the triage.

You're soon to have "too much fun". Good on ya.


Tayana42 01-05-2017 18:44

Re: 30 Days
A64 and wife, you'll get through this. Try to relax and enjoy it. No need to worry about getting bored. There is always enough to do. Life is good.

gamayun 01-05-2017 19:09

Re: 30 Days
Wooohooo!! Don't fret it and just remember that the rest of us who are still planning are super jealous ;) Best thing I did was downsize years ago and move on the boat last year. It was such a PITA to be living halfway between home and boat, and Goodwill is your best friend. Just remember, the amount of money you save in not storing too much shituff, should free your mind toward happily getting rid of more of it.

All the best to you both on these last frenetic weeks!

Seeking Solace 01-05-2017 21:01

Re: 30 Days
That's something worth celebrating. Congrats!

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