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Pieterv06 12-12-2016 23:11

Display issue Mastervolt Whisper gen
Hi all,

My boat came back from yard with following issue : I have a Mastervolt Whisper 3.5 diesel generator with digital display and Masterview tactile display.
On Digital Diesel Display, the LCD panel does not show anything, and buttons are not responsive, yet all diodes showing looad level are lit, including red one signaling overload. The Masterview tactile lits with red background, which shows an error status. Local Mastervolt service stations won't help until January and I wanted to sail between XMAs an New Year meaning that I am stuck...:frown:
Last time I used the generator it was working fine, yet boat came back from yard with high level of humidity inside. Could this be related ?
I hope someone has ideas as to where I can investigate. I suppose I should start by checking all connections...
Thanks in advance and Merry XMas to you all.

skipmac 13-12-2016 01:36

Re: display issue Mastervolt Whisper gen
Hi Pieter,

I would agree that the first thing to check would be connections and wiring. Pull all the plugs, examine for corrosion but even if they appear OK clean and dry. Same with any other connections in the system. Don't forget to check any ground connections, especially any directly to the controls or display.

However, I do have to ask, why not cruise without the generator? Fill the water tanks, make sure the engine alternator is good for charging the batteries and go. If hot water or cooking or some other essential is electric you could certainly make do for a week or so. Bring a camp stove. Use a Sun Shower.

Pieterv06 13-12-2016 02:26

Re: display issue Mastervolt Whisper gen
Hi Skipmac,
Thank you for your answer.

Yes, I am afraid that careful checking of connections is about all I can do myself, the Mastervolt bus system on my boat is awfully complicated. It includes lithium batteries/regulator, engine alternator, regulator for solar panel, diesel generator, charger/inverter. All this was former owner's choice, I would definitely not have taken similar options (Keep It Simple Stupid !). Inverter charger broke earlier this year and had to be returned to Mastervolt in the Netherlands where they kept it 1,5 month !

I can, and will obviously sail without generator/220V, this mostly deprives me of heating (2x 220V reversible aircos won't work), but mostly the watermaker cannot be used (also works on 220V :banghead:) and watertanks are only 280 ltrs...

Overall, rumor has it that Mastervolt discontinued generators because of poor reliability...

Bye for now,

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