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Linwood4 06-12-2016 11:41

Garmin Compact ghp Reactor sizing.
I am sure this is on the forum somewhere as it seems to be a simple question...but i've searched with no luck.:banghead:

First off...I know nothing of autopilots and im trying to get up to speed on a future purchase.

My question is this. I am looking for feed back on mounting this new unit "Garmin Compact ghp Reactor starter pack" for around $1099 on a 46' sailboat. Yes I know it is recommended for 30 foot and below boats with a single outboard.


I am wondering if the electronics and algorithms are the same in the black boxes as the standard Reactor autopilot?
I also noticed it is coming with what i believe is the equivalent to a ray-marine type-1 autopilot pump. This Type-1 and the type 2 pump are suggested for my 13.3 cu in hydraulic steering ram on the raymarine site. so i then reasoned this might work.

Of course to make things more difficult I would also like to use the legacy pump on the boat (hence the starter pack with no pump). I believe to be the ray-marine type 1 pump of which i also have a spare. I think the pump drives are relatively generic from what ive read untill you get into the "smart" pumps?

This system coupled with the garmin 741xs ($2000) radar bundle as a controller would build a pretty nice system for around $3000.
I had read on another forum someone stating he had installed the "compact" unit on boats up to 45 feet and another poster was putting them on twin outboards. Of course i cant find where i read that to contact those people....

So give it to me straight am i just dreaming?
Anyone do this?

If there is already a forum on this idea if you could direct me there that would be great also and thanks.:biggrin:

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