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autumnbreeze27 04-12-2016 08:09

Installed new Victron Multiplus Compact 2000
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Installed a new Victron Multiplus Compact 2000.

I've got two issues I'd love to have your input on.
1) The charger replaces a 12V30A ProNautic that was on Gel setting, which is 14 abs 13.7 float. Typically when I would turn it on, it cranks 30A until the Victron BMV says 100%, then drops down and the BMV pretty much shows 0 in or out, the Pronautic takes the house loads.
Battery is LifePO4. Now with the victron, it cranks 60A into the batteries, but starts to ramp down pretty fast. I had been working on the battery wiring, and needed to resync the BMV. With batteries around 60% I'd guess (400ah bank), I fired up the Victron charger. It pumped 60A for a while, but then it dropped 30A... then 15A....then 10A... I turned it on at 7am and by 7pm it was not full. The BMV didn't show 100% until the solar kicked in and topped it off the following day.
On the victron, I put in the lifepo4 battery type, and then lowered the 14.2 abs to 14, and raised 13.5 to 13.7 float. Should I put this back to defaults? My Solar MPPT is set to 14 abs, float disabled, max reg limit 14.2. Is it the charge curve setting that is causing the difference? If it's easier on the battery I'm ok with it, just trying to understand why it's behaving differently.

2) I liked being able to manually control my battery charger. If we are at the dock, I like to run the AC stuff off shorepower, and run the DC stuff off the solar. Saves a few pennies on the electric bill. To do this with the victron, it looks like I'll need to drag the usb cable out. Is there any other way? Can the charger only/off/on switch be reconfigured? I wish the thing had a web interface instead of serial, so I could get to it via the boat network.

Thanks for looking!

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