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Moody Mike 28-11-2016 23:04

Brushes & brushes
I have had a unusable auto pilot for several months couldnt get past the Raymarine dockside calibration since fitting new brushes to my Cetrek drive motor. I pulled the course computer out & it tested fine. Finally checked the new brushes . They had a resistance of 2.3 Ohms sounded a bit high for a DC motor. After speaking with 2 Electrical engineers in the motor buisness one from Sulzer i knew i was onto something. I had a set of copper carbon brushes made by Cortell Carbon in Brisbane. Fitted them today now the drive motor has heaps of power . Dockside calibration complete we are back in Buisnes. Now to get a refund the Sydney company charged me $ 500 for 2 sets of brushes that didnt work. The Brisbane company charged me $99 for the same & made them in under 24 hours. So brushes aint brushes make sure if your replacing them that they match the material & resistance.
Its going to be so nice to have George the auto back on the crew lol. :smile:

Paul L 29-11-2016 00:43

Re: Brushes & brushes
It sounds like the original company just forgot the goldplate on the $500 brushes.

Moody Mike 29-11-2016 03:58

Re: Brushes & brushes

Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 2268035)
It sounds like the original company just forgot the goldplate on the $500 brushes.

Yes one would think so. I was flabagasted when i recieved the invoice .

Paul L 29-11-2016 11:47

Re: Brushes & brushes
The gold would have at least lowered the resistance:). Are they going to take them back?

Moody Mike 29-11-2016 17:07

Re: Brushes & brushes
Yes gold brushes would be soft on the commutator as well. We believe the original were silver carbon very close. I'm currently in negotiations for a refund but the rewind company is in denial even with 2 engineers telling them they were wrong. The old " I've been doing this for 30 years " has been mentioned a few times.

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