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jimliznorris 10-11-2016 09:24

Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
Hello, I need a new fitting for my Bob Stay on our E-37, hull # 446. It is a Tall Rig with Bow Sprite. I need the piece that joins the Rod to the Lower Plate fastened to the hull, it has the hole in it (forked) that the clevis pin passes through. Does anyone have experience with this assembly or where I might find one? We just left her on the hard in Aegina, Greece (crossed from Florida in 2014) and had the carpenter replace the bow sprite wood while we returned here to Canada. He noticed the crack, however Iím not there to take measurements etc. to make a new one if necessary. So, also, can any one supply me with the exact dimensions of that piece, and/or how it holds the Rod? I assume you back-off the turnbuckle, pull the bottom clevis to drop the rod clear of the bottom plate, unscrew the bottom rod from the turnbuckle completely, and the slide the fitting off the top end of the rod. Is there a thread and nut on the bottom? Welded? Or what? Any & all help greatly appreciated.

Cheechako 10-11-2016 09:28

Re: Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
I've not seen an E37 with a bowsprit.? That must have been added by a previous owner. If you can get a pic of the fitting someone here can likely identify it.

jimliznorris 10-11-2016 10:34

Re: Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
it was a factory install.

SailingIn2Deep 10-11-2016 14:56

Re: Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
I can't answer your question off the top of my head, but we also have an E37 with the factory original bowsprit. There is a good chance that I will be going out to the boat tomorrow . I could take some pics if it might help. Otherwise the Endeavour Forum (?) group on facebook is pretty active and usually quite helpful.

Sailmonkey 10-11-2016 15:00

Re: Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
Or replace the rod with oversized wire and turnbuckle......if the end has cracked it may be a sign.

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UNCIVILIZED 10-11-2016 16:19

Re: Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
I've not seen one. But it may just be as simple as installing a forked end on a piece of rigging wire. So a mechanical end terminal. Have you looked at such fittings to see if this might be the case? You'll need to know both the wire size, & the pin size, prior to picking on up. Also, along with it, you'd also likely want to pick up a toggle or two of the correct size. And if the jaws on a mechanical fork terminal aren't long enough, ditto on those on toggles, might a set of link plates be an option? They're commonly used on rigging bits which need extending. Such as on headstays, in between the tang & the furler.

One consideraton on this in terms of what you use, both fitting wise, & in terms of wire vs. rod. Is that due to it's location, it'll be immersed a lot. So corrosion resistance in the fittings, & the wire/rod are paramount. With rod being superior in terms of this. And end terminals needing the most consideration due to the crevices in most types.

jimliznorris 10-11-2016 18:28

Re: Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
3 Attachment(s)
attached some pics the carpenter sent me. you can see the problem is not the Rod. SI2D, if you could supply the fittings measurements, we can make a new fitting here. I need the overall length, hole sizes, rod dia. pin dia. widths, slot size, and anything else that would help. I am assuming it is one piece. The top round section is definitely tapered. These would be big help in case I can not find one. Thanks.

UNCIVILIZED 10-11-2016 18:32

Re: Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
It looks like a standard forked end terminal will work, whether your new bobstay is wire, or rod. Though my concerns about corrosion seem prudent. See if you can have him measure the current one's critical dimensions. Especially the diameter of the pin, the thickness of the tang, & the diameter of the rod.

Prudence would also suggest a serious inspection of the tang for corrosion, or cracking. Sadly, to include some of it which is buried in the hull. Possibly via X-ray? Talk to a few expert riggers & surveyors on this, as my experience in such matters is only skin deep. Pun semi-intended.
And if it needs replacing, titanium would be worth investigating. Given it's corrosion resistance. Though ask about galvanic issues if mating it up with Aquamet (rod), or stainless.

BTW, corrosion on the tang may not be evident by eye. Nor necessarily will cracking. Given stainless's propensity for work hardening, & microcracking. Thus the x-ray comment. How old is everything down there? And is it at all visible from inside of the hull? Perhaps asking other owners about how it's constructed & attached is in order.

Bleemus 11-11-2016 08:44

Re: Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
If that terminal is in that poor condition I wouldn't sail till I replaced the chain plate that enters the hull as well.

Ocoast 11-11-2016 09:11

Re: Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
Check with:

Seco South

2111 34th Way, Largo, FL 33771

(727) 536-1924

They were an original supplier for Endeavour.

Ocoast 11-11-2016 09:36

Re: Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
Feel The Rhythm! Feel The Rhyme! Get On Up, Its BobSTAY Time! | LAHOWIND
Here is an article about someone with the same problem on their 37 Endeavour.

Dougtiff 11-11-2016 10:25

Re: Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
Nothing wrong with chain, you could grind the fibreglass back say an inch and look at the tang, if O.K., then back fill with epoxy.

thebootlegger 12-11-2016 16:52

Re: Endeavour 37 Bob Stay
The Endeavour Owner's group on Facebook has been helpful to me...I have found thst they get back to you quickly too...good luck...

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