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Moltensurf 26-10-2016 16:25

Islander 36 voltage problems ?
I disconnected my negative cable, and put a volt meter between post and neg cable. I had 13 volts. I found that problem my alternator was wired to constant power. I still have 1.5 volts on my meter with the perko switch on both. If I take take the red cable off from starter to ignition power drops to 600ma. If I turn the switch off I get 500 ma. If I run an incandescent test light bulb between the post and cable I get nothing. Before I fixed the alternator problem I had power. I don't see any chafed wires or anything out of the ordinary.
Recently I dove down and my prop was gone and the prop shaft is full of pits. This happened in two months. I didn't my bilge for a whil then I noticed the pump wasn't coming on and the bilge was really full over my pump wires; from running an Ac. The breaker tripped so I'm not sure how my prop was so badly dAmaged. Or if it had anything to do with my alternator. I put a new zinc on the damaged prop shaft, last time I dove down the zinc was fine. Not sure how I had so much damage.

smac999 26-10-2016 17:33

Re: Islander 36 voltage problems ?
I have no idea what you just wrote...

Moltensurf 26-10-2016 17:53

Re: Islander 36 voltage problems ?
If I take an electric meter between the negative post and the negative cable; with everything turned off I should have 0 volts on the meter. I had 13 volts between the post and battery cable because my starter was wired wrong. It still appears there is a 1.5 volt drain on the batteries.

Moltensurf 26-10-2016 17:56

Re: Islander 36 voltage problems ?
I was hat going through some trouble shooting, trying to find out why my prop and shaft were electrolocized.

Sailmonkey 26-10-2016 17:56

Re: Islander 36 voltage problems ?
Are you measuring volts and current?

Start turning off circuits one at a time, and disconnecting things like battery chargers until your voltage/current disappears.

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smac999 26-10-2016 17:58

Re: Islander 36 voltage problems ?
actually you will have voltage between neg cable and battery when disconnected if you have resistive loads in the circuit (light bulbs etc which will pass voltage with no current.

you can't have a voltage drain. you have current drain or voltage drop. your first post is all over the place. with many different issues but none of them explained well.

you alternator should be wired to constant power.

Moltensurf 26-10-2016 18:10

Re: Islander 36 voltage problems ?
When I turn the prerko switch off I still read 500 ma.
My power out from alternator (b+) runs to below my ignition to an amp meter, my red wire from the starter ties in there to along either the ignition. If I disconnect the red starter wire the 1 volt disappears. I disconnected the ignition from the circuit. Now I only have red from starter and orange power out from alternator

Moltensurf 26-10-2016 18:17

Re: Islander 36 voltage problems ?
Sorry the post is all over the place, kinda how I feel chasing this problem. Kinda learning as I go along.
i believe I have a current drain. It goes away when I disconnect starter hot wire

senormechanico 26-10-2016 20:45

Re: Islander 36 voltage problems ?
Certain (legal in some states) stuff will make you post such, :popcorn:
or are you just imagining you actually have enough knowledge to think you are posting useful information?

First of all, you need to get someone to look at it who has a clue about investigating your boat's system to see if you actually have a leakage problem or just shot batteries, too much load for your generating capabilities or .....:confused:
IMHO, the FIRST thing to check is the bilge wiring. Probably leakage right there. It'll eat stuff quickly.
No offense intended, really I'm just trying to be real.

sailorchic34 26-10-2016 21:32

Re: Islander 36 voltage problems ?
First thoughts is the 110V battery charger off. Many are directly wired to the batteries. Bilge pumps (at least one) should also bypass the battery switch.

The alternator hot normally connects to the starter hot and is always connected. The field wire which runs to the ignition switch is what disconnects the alternator output (well not quite that but it acts that way). It might be possible that the regulator in the alternator (is it external?) has got a bad diode.

Bad bilge pump wiring as was mentioned can also cause issues.

Lastly if your zinc is gone, it's quite possible to measure current flow or voltage flow as your reading the galvanic current of the prop shaft at the battery - which is connected to the prop via engine.

Lancerbye 27-10-2016 10:22

Re: Islander 36 voltage problems ?
You are doing a lot of measuring without the knowledge of what should be expected at the measured points. I suspect that your understanding of electrical systems is very limited. Get a qualified electrician to check your system out and explain it to you before you burn down your boat.

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