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IdoraKeeper 18-10-2016 14:50

Custom wheel pilot installation
Hi All,
This winter I will be upgrading the auto pilot on Idora. Currently she has a heading only wheel pilot. I am looking at Ray marine auto pilots. At 23,000 lbs Idora is too heavy for the Ray marine wheel pilot...but she has dual ram hydraulic steering that creates massive mechanical advantage. The steering never back drives during operation and she has little weather helm in any case. There are space restrictions at the inside conning station and steering in the cockpit is tiller with hydraulic's by passed. I would like to fit a wheel pilot below st the conning station and use a different electric motor and clutch to drive the wheel.. With a rudder position sensor installed and using the inertial and computer/drive unit of the Ray marine wheel pilot.
Two questions. Will the software in the wheel pilot be adaptable enough to be effective? Will the output devices in the computer/drive unit tolerate a higher draw motor running at low loads?
Anybody tried this? Thoughts please.:flowers:

DeepFrz 18-10-2016 14:56

Re: Custom wheel pilot installation
I'm just wondering why you don't use a Ray Smart Pilot with a hydraulic drive?

IdoraKeeper 18-10-2016 15:06

Re: Custom wheel pilot installation
It's possible, but the plumbing would be complicated in order to retain the outside manual bypass valve that is also used as a tiller lock while trimming. Likely it would require a separate hydraulic circuit with solenoid valves for each ram. Wheel pilot seems easier.

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