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Sevi 08-10-2016 18:16

Wind Generators: Superamp 350 vs AirBreeze
Hi all-

I need to purchase a wind generator for my IP38 and my top two contenders are the Superwind 350 (sorry about the typo in the title) and the AirBreeze. Can anyone provide any positive or negative feedback to help me with my decision?

Thank you in advance.

Neptune's Gear 08-10-2016 19:00

Re: Wind Generators: Superamp 350 vs AirBreeze
I have an air breeze. Not that happy with it. Power output is less that the older model, by quite a bit. Personally, I'd buy a silentwind. I have their blades on my air breeze, which improved it tremendously. Silentwind starts at a lower speed, produces more amps, and is way quieter than an air breeze.

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zboss 09-10-2016 12:10

Re: Wind Generators: Superamp 350 vs AirBreeze
We have a silentwind but if I had not been stingy I would have bought the D400 which is the best wind generator on the market right now because of its consistent output and low noise.

We looked at the Superwind and they are also great generators but not quite at the same level at the D400 and almost the same price.

When it comes to wind generators you really want the best no matter the price.

Lars_L 09-10-2016 12:46

Re: Wind Generators: Superamp 350 vs AirBreeze
I have a Superwind 350 generator and I am very satisfied with it. The D400 have a higher output but it is measured at a higher wind. A problem with all wind generators is that power of the wind increases so fast. With the doubled wind speed you get 8 times as much power. The generator cannot take that and therefore they shut done. Superwind has a system witch change the pitch of the blades and will therefore work up to 120 knots of wind.

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