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Terra Nova 21-09-2016 19:20

Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
This is not about religion!!!

One of my oldest clients, now an old friend, and I had traveled to the east coast, years ago, searching for an F&C 44, for him to purchase. We had seen Roy Disney's "Shamrock" ketch many times here at the California Yacht Club. Along the adventure we viewed the few that had been currently on the eastern US market. But we also found a brand new deep keeled sloop sitting in its cradle.

It was overcast and raining lightly but the broker was happy to let us look her over, inside, on our own. Boarding first I slid open the companionway hatch, involuntarily shouting "OHMYGOD!" The exquisite beauty of its brand new, gloss varnished viraro and cedro interior had simply stunned me, taking my breath away. To this day my friend and I still laugh over that.

Any others with "religious" boat experiences? :)

Ecos 21-09-2016 19:30

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
Then why the hell are you calling it a "religious experience"?

DDabs 22-09-2016 09:25

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
beautiful boat

Terra Nova 24-09-2016 09:33

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
Yesterday I visited the boat show in Cabrillo with the same friend referenced in my first post. We didn't go aboard that many boats as, quite frankly, there was not much there to interest us. And of course I had no new religious (OMG) experiences. But I came away with a few observations.

The large Island Packet was by far the queen of the show with its extremely high finish and polish.

Marlow seems to have really raised the quality of Hunter.

Jeanneau seem to have contracted Ikea to design and fit out their interiors.

The prices of all new boats we viewed make the older boats great values.

There was one little day sailor, ~26', named "Gazelle", which was extremely interesting and extremely expensive--can't remember the (French?) builder's name.

And there were some notably f'ugly and slab-sided power boats.

There was nothing there that even came close to the beauty of the now ancient F&C 44.

JPA Cate 24-09-2016 12:47

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
Hi, TN,

You might consider going to some of the wooden boat festivals. In terms of the "WOW" or "drop dead gorgeous" boat candy, I've found Tasmania's Wooden Boat Festival* to be just a wonderful experience, and I'd think it'd be the same for Maine or Pt. Townsend, WA.

Definitely in the OMG range of beauty, finish, build......


*next one is Feb. 2017

Terra Nova 24-09-2016 17:04

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience

That same friend and I have traveled to boat shows up and down both coasts. And I really enjoyed the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival decades ago. Additionally we have visited boat builders on both coasts, seen Wally Yachts being built at Concordia, and even more primitive boats being built in Costa Rica.

Never been to Europe or down under, where the original Freya was built and won the Sydney-Hobart 3 years in a row. Still open to experiencing more OMG moments. But the artistic beauty of Frers' F&C 44 just knocks my socks off. I'll try adding another photo.

funjohnson 24-09-2016 17:25

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
Is this the interior you did an OMG for?

1981 F&C F&C 44 Ketch Sail Boat For Sale -


Terra Nova 24-09-2016 18:08

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
Indeed. Picture that interior in brand new, pristine condition. And you will imagine what I first saw.

cpa 28-09-2016 21:07

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
I climbed aboard an F&C 44 in RI maybe 10 years ago and had a very similar experience. To this day the F&C 44 is, in my opinion the most beautifully designed and executed production boat I have ever stepped foot on. I actually have a file folder on an old hard drive with nothing but assorted F&C 44 pictures. The Jonmeri 40 is my close second.

mrohr 29-09-2016 06:12

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
Saw that one in R.I. also , had some damage chain plates ....her name was Sapphire IIRC
.....not the Cruising boat that i was looking for but a true yacht with the best pedigree.
AND CHEAP !!!.............but I was not looking for a project. SIGH.

funjohnson 29-09-2016 06:29

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
Wow.... I don't see it at all. Everything is just cut plywood and some basic trim. Even the bulkhead corner moldings are just routed small pieces. It's much more impressive when it's a long, one piece laminated molding.

What is so nice about this interior?


Steadman Uhlich 29-09-2016 06:47

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
6 Attachment(s)
I noticed one for sale last year, on the California Coast.
It is a beautifully designed boat.
Notable to me were the wide side decks and a cockpit design I like. I also like the wood interior.

Here is a link:

And because I think threads about design really beg for photos, here are a few more.

Delancey 29-09-2016 06:54

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
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Years ago I had the rare privilege of crewing on a late October delivery on Lake Michigan of the Yacht Bacchant from Milwaukee to Boyne City.

My religious experience occurred when I had the boat to myself for two hours beam reaching with the kite up through the Manitou Passage while the other crew were off watch.

The experience of driving a sixty five foot Mahogany splinter through the water with the beautifully carved and varnished tiller against the backdrop of blazing fall foliage crowning Sleeping Bear Dune was one I will never forget.

To call that boat a beautiful work of art is an understatement.

Delancey 29-09-2016 06:57

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
1 Attachment(s)
Here's a picture of the tiller.

cpa 29-09-2016 13:39

Re: Frers F&C 44--a religious experience
Lots of nice ones in Argentina. :biggrin:


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