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RLaird 17-09-2016 16:20

LED Combo Tri - Anchor Wiring Challenge

So I got this copy of 'Good Old Boat' and the guy tells me how to wire up the Tricolor with an anchor light using diodes with existing two wires. I'm pretty excited, since last weekend while visiting the top of the mast I discovered that my anchor light is kind of a joke. Just a housing with enough help from gravity to make a connection for two banjo bulbs.

Anyway, I realized when I got the goodies together that the article is good for incandescent bulbs but not LEDs since they are polarity driven.

I have a DPDT switch, a new Aqua Signal combo light and some diodes.

Anyone got an idea how I can make this rig work with just the two wires?

There is still a slim chance that there will be an extra lead hanging out in the cable, but really, how likely is that!

I will be heading up the mast tomorrow anyway to check things out, but let me know if you have a brain storm.

thanks and happy sails!

Redline452 17-09-2016 20:46

Re: LED Combo Tri - Anchor Wiring Challenge
Some LED bulbs have internal diode bridges to make them polarity-independent, in which case what works for incandescent will work for them. If yours are polarity-sensitive, then use it to your advantage and put them in parallel in "opposite" directions, so they will do for you what the external diodes would have done.
If the combo light has a common ground for both functions, you will have to separate the two lights electrically, so you have access to both + and - sides of each (which you would have to do for incandescently anyway).
Hope this helps.

CS Cruiser 17-09-2016 20:48

Re: LED Combo Tri - Anchor Wiring Challenge
You'll need a DPDT switch. See post #2 in the link below for diagram,

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