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Palmask 30-08-2016 17:39

SeaTalk Failure
A few weeks ago, on our last outing, our depth/speed log, wind and auto pilot screens all suddenly went blank, except for the pilot screen showing the "SeaTalk Failure" message. The plotter and GPS continued to function. This occurred during a rather heavy downpour, though it was not the first time we had been caught out in the weather. A week or so later, they were working again, until yesterday when I switched them on and, again, same message though there had been no rain this time. Any ideas out there or similar experiences? I'm guessing/hoping it might just be a cabling connection issue.

Jman 30-08-2016 18:57

Re: SeaTalk Failure
From your message, not very clear where your instruments are mounted... Obviously any moisture that is able to make its way into the connections is going to have immediate, and more importantly lasting effect.

You use the term seatalk generically, but all of them are serial based, one unit to the next to next, so one failure will by nature cause other failures.

Un plug them and look for corrosion.

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smac999 30-08-2016 21:04

Re: SeaTalk Failure
trace all the seatalk cabling and see how's it hooked up and where it is powered. draw a diagram. often it's powered from the pilot. maybe in 2 separate feeds.

once you figure it out trace and check cables from source to end. one is probably bad or loose.

Palmask 30-08-2016 23:18

Re: SeaTalk Failure
Jman and smac999, many thanks for your responses to my somewhat naive-sounding and poorly expressed post! All the instruments are mounted in the cockpit under a large bimini, reasonably well-protected from the weather. I checked all cabling and connections this morning - all seemed to be in order and no sign of corrosion. Whilst doing so, I happened to bump the circuit breaker switch which powers the instrument displays and - lo and behold - they lit up! A bit more investigation with the multimeter indicated a failing switch. I replaced it and all's good. Thanks again.

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