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jhedger69 28-08-2016 13:29

Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
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This was on my dad's sailboat. I know very little about it, other than it's very heavy. No corrosion, nothing wrong with it. If you need specific details, call or text me, and I can ask dear old Dad. I have more detailed pictures, just ask.
$1000 - US post office money order or Paypal account only.

UNCIVILIZED 28-08-2016 13:43

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
Welcome to CF!
Can you be so kind as to clarify what size chain it's setup for. Because from the pictures, it looks like it can handle 3+ sizes/types of chain. Which, to me at least, is rather out of the ordinary. And does you Dad perhaps know who made it.
Also any pics of it's underside, & or inner workings would be appreciated. Thanks

jhedger69 28-08-2016 14:20

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
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Unfortunately, Dad is not always lucid (early dementia), but he has good and bad days. I will see him tonight and will be able to tell from there if he knows the answers to your questions.
In the meantime, I have looked all over it for some sort of Make or serial number, and have had no luck. It's covered in gear oil (ewww), but I did manage to get some more pics.

PhantomBoatwork 28-08-2016 14:25

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
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Ah, that would be the ABI industries manual two speed windlass. I believe that it was an upgrade/ knock off for the Simpson Lawrence 555 Seatiger. Very similar, just much better materials. The Seatiger had a cast aluminum housing and a rather poor grade of steel gears. The ABI is all bronze, stainless steel shafts and gears. The company stopped making them a number of years ago. I was lucky enough to get one, literally, in a box in pieces. The PO packed the interior full of grease which glued the interior together. The only thing wrong with it was a couple of broken steel springs that I replaced from McMaster and Carr. I do not believe that parts are available any more. Not to worry. It's so well made that it will only work for another half century or so, and then it will have to be fixed.:smile:

captain465 28-08-2016 14:28

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
My guess would be Meriman. clearly marked on gypsy for 5/16 proof coil chain (PCC). Where do you see 3+different sizes and types?

PhantomBoatwork 28-08-2016 14:41

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
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This is Not what you have- your windlass is much better made But the Seatiger 555 is an almost exact copy, in terms of its internal workings. Sadly, parts are not interchangeable.

PhantomBoatwork 28-08-2016 15:07

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
Found the reference that I was looking. What you have is the ABI two speed series 800 bronze double action manual anchor windlass. I found the reference under google books.

jhedger69 28-08-2016 16:22

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
Thank you all for your additional information! Do you think I've priced it correctly?

PhantomBoatwork 28-08-2016 16:39

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
Certainly. Nothing of this quality and construction is available currently. These windlasses are like pieces of art. The only downside is that repair parts are not currently available.

Don C L 28-08-2016 17:16

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
It's beautiful. Too big for my boat but I'd almost go out and buy a boat it would fit on!

Eben 28-08-2016 17:51

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
Very nice piece of gear! Looks like the same windlass that's on Taleisin...

I've actually posted something about one of the springs in that particular windlass on my blog - for those in need of repairs...

Celestialsailor 28-08-2016 21:53

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass have it priced well. Another avenue might be ebay.

SV Bacchus 29-08-2016 15:25

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass

Originally Posted by Don C L (Post 2199668)
It's beautiful. Too big for my boat but I'd almost go out and buy a boat it would fit on!

It is very nice and I would be tempted to buy it just to make it a center piece under a glass coffee table! It would be a beautiful, nautical conversation piece.. :smiling:

captjcook 29-08-2016 15:51

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
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List price in 1989 was $1,755. It does handle those chain sizes. I believe RC Plath will still make any part to repair, even though they did not manufacture.

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sailorchic34 29-08-2016 15:53

Re: Solid Bronze Manual Windlass
WOW, it's a lovely windlass and priced right. Alas about $900 outside my very tiny budget. Someone will buy it. It's a work of art.

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