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mike62 18-07-2016 02:55

Brokers list -East Coast USA
I'm planning to purchase a Yacht on US east coast and sail home to Australia Via Caribbean - Panama and Pacific. Planned purchase sometime during the next 12 months.
My question is - Is there a list of East Coast Brokers or a Brokers association or the like? I'm having some difficulty finding any comprehensive list on the net. (obviously looking in the wrong places)
Thanks in advance

GordMay 18-07-2016 03:06

Re: Brokers list -East Coast USA
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Mike.

Hud3 18-07-2016 03:18

Re: Brokers list -East Coast USA
Welcome to CF, Mike.

Try Googling "yacht brokers near Annapolis, Maryland". Annapolis probably has the highest concentration of used sailboats for sale on the East Coast. Annapolis Yacht Sales has a good rep, but there are others worth looking at, too. is a good website to see what's on the market.

mike62 18-07-2016 03:26

Re: Brokers list -East Coast USA
Thanks Hud, I'll try that shortly.
Guess I'll keep you posted as i'm sure to have a few more questions.
Thanks again

Hud3 18-07-2016 03:38

Re: Brokers list -East Coast USA
Happy hunting!

PamlicoTraveler 18-07-2016 04:29

Re: Brokers list -East Coast USA
Yachtworld represents and shows listings for almost all brokers. It is helpful in finding the right boat, similar to MLS for houses.

puffcard 18-07-2016 06:04

Re: Brokers list -East Coast USA
Here's one list for Maryland and another link to search thru YachtWorld by states. I used Bay Harbor Brokerage in Norfolk Va, Ron is great, been at it for +35 years. He can really help you find the right boat for you and has a ton of knowledge.

Boat Brokers

Boat and Yacht Sales, Buy Boats and Yachts -

skipmac 18-07-2016 13:56

Re: Brokers list -East Coast USA
Hi Mike,

If I may, a suggestion from a cruiser that used to be a yacht broker. Depending on the boat you're looking for you might only need one. Any broker can sell you any boat listed for sale with any other broker, even if it's located in another state or the other side of the country. One good broker can do a lot of the leg work for you and narrow down the search. Note the qualifier one "good" broker. Unfortunately there's a lot of brokers that don't put much effort into the job and even a few that are downright scoundrels.

If you aren't buying a really expensive boat it might be good to look for a different broker in each area you plan to search. Wouldn't make much sense for a broker in Annapolis to travel 1000 miles to Florida to sell you a $20,000 boat. On the other hand, if you're planning on a million dollar deal you might find a broker that will travel across the country for you.

mike62 18-07-2016 15:36

Re: Brokers list -East Coast USA
Thank you for your reply. I,m a couple of months away from being ready to buy. (selling my house) I'm in Australia. Maybe you could send me your email and/or a link to your listings.

mike62 18-07-2016 15:48

Re: Brokers list -East Coast USA
Excellent advice, thank you. My budget will only be about 100k. I guess the trick is to find the "good" broker. I'm a couple of months short yet. I've quite a bit to still settle here in Aus. But contacting and establishing a rapport with a good broker now would be helpful.
I'll keep looking. and i'm getting some great advice.

Cheechako 18-07-2016 16:11

Re: Brokers list -East Coast USA
Try Stan Dabney if he's still operating. West Palm Beach Florida.

mike62 18-07-2016 23:13

Re: Brokers list -East Coast USA
Excellent link. Thank you

38South 19-07-2016 06:07

Re: Brokers list -East Coast USA
Hi Mike, Welcome and good luck with the search there are certainly plenty around.
The boss and I are a year or so ahead of you with a similar plan. We searched for 3 or so years and finally purchased in Grenada. We cruised up to St Kitts and have left the boat there until we return in January 2017, we should be in Florida by April 2017 and will leave the boat there until the next year. we can only achieve 3 months a year cruising at this time. we intend heading down through Panama and back to Melbourne (Aus), and should be home by 20xx

Cheers :thumb:
Lagoon 380

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