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capt lar 20-03-2005 14:43

how big ?
I have not sailed the big cats and I wonder how big a cat can a cruising couple handle ? I plan to charter and learn for myself, but even in selecting a charter, I am not sure of size. We think 38 feet might be the answer. Accomodation for 6, but usually just us.

Harriet 21-03-2005 06:36

Big Cats
The max size for a cruising couple depends in part on how the boat is set up. In other words, how easy is the boat to handle and sail.

On our Manta 42, all lines are led to a single electric winch. The jib is a self-tending, camber spar arrangement rather than a roller furling. It tacks itself. There is a boom brake and a vang standard.

If you are going to live aboard, then you want to consider YOUR needs, since guests will only be an occasional event. I wouldn't worry too much about how many people the boat will sleep at one time - rather, how comfortable will it be for you and your wife/companion. If it works for you, then your occasional guests will manage for the short term.

Hope this helps.

Harriet Eisen
s/v Perseverance

henryv 21-03-2005 07:43

cat size
Cats tend to be easier to handle relative to their size as their lighter weight allows for smaller sails and twin engines provide superior control under power. I think you will find that for most couples boats up to about 44 feet would be quite manageable.

Strygaldwir 21-04-2005 02:05

We have a 37'. After living on it for the last few months we think it is just about perfect for 2. It is not TOO expensive. With 3 cabins it has a nice master cabin for us and 2 okay cabins for guests and storage. I looked at boats from the perspective of whether one of us could handle it alone if the other were indisposed. With the autopilot one handles it just fine. Now if my wife just gets a little more confident about her abilities!



sv_makai 22-04-2005 21:03

38 but....
We have a 38 Voyage Yacht.

As stated above it depends on how well it is setup. We have no problems withthe 2 of us. Though I wish I would have gotten the Voyage 440 for the the extra space.

We have met many couples who have sailed around the world on Cats as big as 54 feet. They claimed no problems in handling the boat. And the way I have seen them handle thier cats I believe them.

I would recommend trying extended charters on various boats before deciding on size. It will make a difference. We love Makai and it will suit us easily until we get our next paycheck.......

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