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Withthewind 10-05-2016 09:01

Fishing? Newb question.
Just trying to daydream, but need some parameters...

Do any of you fish from your boat? Do you eat the fish or throw them back? Is getting a license complicated if you are in the carribean? Is it possible to make money fishing from your boat? I am extremely naive at this point. Just fascinated, curious, and excited. I am going saltwater fishing for the first time in June, and was wondering if it could be something functional to learn, and worth investing in gear and really learning how to fish. Thanks

TurninTurtle 10-05-2016 09:24

Re: Fishing? Newb question.
Half the reason for a boat is to go fishing.

And the only good reason to go fishing is to eat fish.

a64pilot 10-05-2016 09:29

Re: Fishing? Newb question.
Unlikely you will make any money, but remember it is called fishing, not catching.
You will soon learn why :)

What kind of boat? I have left over gear from when boating to me was to a large extent the best way to fish, but in truth you can be as successful with hand lines, and even homemade lures. In other words you can spend as much money as you have on fishing tackle, or very little and still catch fish.
I on the other hand, can spend days dragging lures through the water and snagging seaweed.

Ungvar 10-05-2016 09:29

Re: Fishing? Newb question.
I'm not in the Caribean, but I fish from my boat. There are definitely people out there who make a living off non commercial fishing, those are the sport charter folks.

My fishing method of choice is fly fishing, it's therapeutic, almost like a form of meditation. It's kind of a PITA from a cruising sailboat because the rig gets in the way, but I make it work. It's a good way to spend time with kids too, they love it.

I sometimes eat the fish I catch, but often I practice catch and release. I file or cut the barbs off all my hooks, because if you catch and release, the barbs are very hard on the fish.


Withthewind 10-05-2016 10:05

Re: Fishing? Newb question.
Thanks, all. I was just thinking of ways to be efficient and also something to do when I have a dull moment. I love fishing, but I'm not so experienced. I'm not sure what kind of boat yet. Wish I knew, because it's killing me to not be able to visualize our life aboard without even very basic details. I anticipate that we will be shopping for something that can fit about 5-6 people (some kids) that can manage weather fine and island hop. We are used to living in very tight quarters. Would like to keep it around $60k, give or take $10k. So of course, any input is valued.

If I could just sail, read, study maps, fish, and dock at interesting places here and there... That sounds great to me. A great early retirement plan, imo :)

TurninTurtle 10-05-2016 10:36

Re: Fishing? Newb question.
Early fishing boats were logs lashed together.

Then dugout canoes
Then rowboats and sailboats... of rapidly increasing size.
Eventually you get to the triple masted whaling ships.

Put a rod holder near the tiller.

a64pilot 10-05-2016 11:11

Re: Fishing? Newb question.
Absolute worst boat I have ever had to fish off of, is my sailboat. You can only realistically fish off of the side, way too much junk in the way anywhere else, no opening transom to drag the fish aboard, Your not backing down on anything when your under sail, although I learned a trick when I have a decent sized fish on, start the engine and put her in reverse, enough power will bring her to an almost stop and then you can land the fish, autopilot will hold a course even when boat speed is very low doing this. Your not reefing sails and fighting a fish unless you have crew or something.
I can see if your fishing for food, a heavy handline and just drag the fish til he's about dead may be the best bet.

Reminds me, I need to get a good gaff as I have it seems four feet or so of freeboard.

If your getting a rod holder, get a good one, I lost a good pole and great reel overboard when the WM one broke, and we weren't even fishing, it just fell apart.
I learned to put 8' or so of line and two snap swivels to tie my reels to the boat so I don't lose another one.

thomm225 10-05-2016 12:36

Re: Fishing? Newb question.
We catch fish at our dock in Virginia. (Little Creek)

Spot, Croaker, sometimes a Trout on nothing more than fish bites which aren't smelly and can be bought at Walmart or any tackle shop. You can catch Kingfish anchored at Kiptopeke. All these are edible which is why I have breading etc on the boat

You can also catch red fish/puppy drum in the fall .... on Gulp Lures

Salt water fishing license is $17.50 which you can get online.

TurninTurtle 10-05-2016 12:48

Re: Fishing? Newb question.
You can always drop the sail... haul the boom to center... and drift fish.

Hylas 49 Hope 10-05-2016 13:07

Re: Fishing? Newb question.
You can fish while you sail...or sail to places and motor around to fish. I have caught the biggest fish of my life while motoring on a sailboat. Some here will probably call BS, but look up Hanibal Banks. We caught and released 5-600 lb Black Marlin. Hooked 3, landed and released 2. I have caught yellowfin of 100 lbs and wahoo to about 40. Just got a 30 plus pound this last week in the Bahamas. Best fish you will eat are those you eat the same day that you catch them.

Under sail it is difficult but not impossible for many fish. Get a two speed 50 size or bigger. Expensive but if taken care of, these reels will last a lifetime. Get some roller guided rods. Always use a leash to your reel in case of the unexpected.

Big lures catch big fish. Fishing gear can be expensive but take care of it and you will have better fishing results.

I have never sold fish but have taken extra into restaurants and traded the extra for cooking and providing our fresh caught meal.

TurninTurtle 10-05-2016 13:33

Re: Fishing? Newb question.
Note: State of Texas gives free fishing/hunting licenses to disabled veteran residents of the state. Not sure what the minimum VA % rating is for that I think its 60%

Check your state laws. You might have free or reduced cost licenses.

Lepke 10-05-2016 14:06

Re: Fishing? Newb question.
I catch tuna, salmon and bottom fish to eat and for the freezer. All in the North Pacific. I was a commercial fisherman (not charter). It's a good life, but not necessarily the path to wealth.
There are people that catch for restaurants, but they need consistent numbers and a stable supply. Others that sell by the side of the road, but then you're not on your boat. In the carrib you have locals that already have markets, know the gear and where to catch the fish. Most enforce license laws on "rich" Americans.

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